Brock Lesnar Taking The Rest Of The Year Off?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Oct 3, 2014.

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    I don't buy him taking off until the Royal Rumble, but he obviously isn't working Hell In A Cell and I wouldn't be surprised if he missed TLC also and only worked Survivor Series before the end of the year. Hopefully he defends the championship at least once more before 2014 ends.

    There was a report awhile back that said they worked out a deal where they can use him from now till Wrestlemania as much as they want to, so if this report is true, it's likely WWE's call and not Brock's. Also, this report originated with Wrestlezone, a site that isn't exactly known for its reliability, so take it with a huge grain of salt. Also, the reason for him not being booked for any dates yet could be that they're still figuring out what to do with him since recent reports have said Vince and Creative have been going back and forth with who Lesnar could work with later in the year.
  2. omg I hope this isn't true......if wwe doesn't use him till the Rumble, I'll kick my own ass. If this is true, they're fucking stupid and shouldn't have done this in the first place if they can't have him appear at almost every PPV.
  3. Pretty turrible if true. At least do some live via satellite shit. I guess this will be one of those times where the "title must be defended once very thirty days" clause is mysteriously forgotten.
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  4. No Lesnar for the rest of the year?! Oh great, more Cena shit. Sincerely hoping that isn't true.
  5. He better be at Survivor Series.. The ME title wearer should be at the minimum present if not competing at all of the Big 4 PPVs IMO.
  6. you lazy bastard bork get in teh ring and wrassle!
  7. Not if Heyman puts a number on the authority, or they feel they need him.

    I think it's alright, but i'd like to see him 2-3 RAW shows just to show up, have Heyman remind us there is no one who stands a chance, get hard boo's, and then dip. No reason for TLC with Ambrose pretty clearly main eventing that one, and Survivor series i could give a fuck less about, unless he is the Authorities mercenary for the match, which requires 0 build.
  8. I agree that they can work around tis, sure. However, it still makes WWE look worse.....I mean your primary, head guy doesn't compete for he rest of 2014. So his last match for the belt, which he lost btw, is in September????? then he shows up in January.....what a makes Brocks credibility look way really does not matter what you do.
  9. Huh. So Bork shows up, whoops ass for the belt and then takes his new toy and goes home with it? I will say it gives the other belts more screen time if he's not around but I'm not sure if it will be good or bad for the WWE belt's image.

    Bork will have a title run equal to Ambrose's United States title run lol. Defend what?
  10. You'll still watch both shows.
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  11. :true:
  12. In the interest of fairness, there aren't really a lot of credible opponents for Brock Lesnar to face right now anyway. Bryan is injured, Punk took his ball and went home, Orton is a heel, the likes of Jeff Hardy/Edge/Shawn Michaels are long gone from WWE, no one wants to see Big Show get another title shot, etc. But still, going three months without a title defense is preposterous. Some would argue that having less title defenses makes the championship more prestigious, but I don't entirely agree with this viewpoint. Back when Hogan did this, there were only a few PPVs a year and there wasn't a prime time show featuring the whole roster on television every week like the way Raw does now. It was much easier to go a long time without seeing a title defense then than it is now. The climate is different today.

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  13. Well this was what we all predicted coming before the deal was redone pre-Night of Champions. Kinda strange how it doesn't seem to have the same buzz of "difference" and "optimism" to it now. Not sure how WWE will handle not having a belt, but if this means more of this terrific Ambrose/Rollins feud in the ME scene I'm all for it.

    Makes MITB a lot more interesting too
  14. HEY RAIN!
  15. hi
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  16. Why have the belt at all? It almost seems the majority of talent is more over before they went the strap than after they hold it.
    I'm a prisoner of the moment, obviously, but it seems the greatest accomplishment is beating the top dog, not necessarily holding the championship.
    Brock Lesnar would be just as much a bad a** had he beaten Undertaker and John Cena without winning the championship.
    Things would get boring and pointless without the WWE championship (and the MITB for that matter), but what is anybody fighting for right now?

    Lesnar is so good that WWE has allowed Lesnar to sit at home. This is the image and perception being predicated.
    If Lesnar is this 'head and shoulders' above everybody else, what is the point? Everybody else looks like jabronis wrestling for a shot they don't deserve because Lesnar isn't there.
  17. Just to touch on that first part, much of that is that the chase for the title is more intriguing than the actual title reign itself. You know that good and well. That doesn't mean the belt isn't prestigious, quite the contrary. When 95% of the fanbase was upset Bryan didn't win the belt, that proved that the title still has a whole lot of value.

    But you're right, as much as you don't think of it, stuff like what happened in 2012 (with CM Punk always playing second fiddle to Cena despite being champ) has hurt the prestige of the belt quite a bit. Just "winning the Championship" doesn't seem to make for a star-making moment on it's own as much as the last part of a sentence. "Holy crap, he beat John Cena CLEAN and won the Championship!", "He just overcame the Authority and won the Championship!" "Finally after all this dicking around he finally got the Championshi... well, guess we can count white-hot 2011 CM Punk as the exception.

    What will they fight over? Our main event scene is all about 2 pissed off babyfaces wanting to kick the shit out of Seth Rollins. The personal grudge feud is back! :yay: Don't know how long they can keep it up but for now it's really refreshing.

    The last part kinda reminded me why this is such a slight to the current roster, but Brock does legitimately bring a different presence to the show that it's lacking, this isn't some Zack Ryder bullshit. The current roster should be more motivated by this, if the corporation can get out of their way.
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  18. You're smart enough to get that. I'd hope the rest of you cats would grasp that as well.
    When I allude to getting rid of title, of course I'm being facetious. Much of the time (but not all of the time) there is talent on the roster above the belt (Cena, HHH, Taker, Lesnar).
    Beating either Cena, HHH, Taker (particularly at Mania) or Lesnar is as much if not a a bigger feather in the cap than winning the championship itself.

    Then, of course, you have Randy Orton, who is below the belt (which would make him a d*ck, I suppose).
    At least Cena/Ambrose/Rollins have a reason to be upset with each other that everybody can digest. Throwing random cats together is uninspiring.
  19. Yeah, having a world title is the easiest and most convenient reason for people at the top of the card to fight each other and call themselves "The Best" by holding it. That's always been its purpose for existing and always will. That's also why there exists such quotes like, "The championship doesn't make the star, the star makes the championship." Winning the title only gives you a rub if you defeat someone who's worthy, but then that's the whole purpose behind the world championship in the first place - it's the top tier prize in the business that only the best of the best should be able to hold. As Snow noted, the YES Movement proved that the fans still see the championship as the ultimate prize in the business since they just weren't gonna be happy until Bryan had the championship, which is a good thing.

    We obviously know already though that a non-title match can easily mean more than the world championship match itself does. Rock vs Hogan>Jericho vs HHH at WM18 and Rock vs Cena>Punk vs Jericho at WM28 are prime examples of this. And even the majority of championship matches have more of a story behind them than just two guys fighting over the belt.
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  20. I just want him to wrestle Ambrose. No other interesting programs for him to work currently, really.
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