News Brock Lesnar To Appear/Wrestle At Battleground?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 28, 2015.

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    I'm praying that this is true.
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  2. He's also scheduled to appear four weeks in a row (including Battleground PPV)

  3. They may pull something similar to Steve Austin in 2000 (prior to Backlash) and 2003 (prior to Wrestlemania) where Lesnar is sitting in his truck outside the arena causing a commotion.
    The idea is that Lesnar is sick of sitting at home when he's entitled to a re-match.
    Eventually WWE concedes to allow him into the arena at the Battleground PPV in part because Lesnar has been a nuisance over a period of weeks and because Heyman saw how the Ambrose assault situation was handled and complained.
    However this is handled, Lesnar is still p*ssed that agreed to a TV match only to have it tossed and he's eager to get his meathooks on Rollins.

    There's no way Lesnar should be allowed in the arena until the Battleground PPV at least. It's possible he may drive a truck through the entrance, get out and bullrush security and run out during the Battleground match itself.
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    Awesome news.

    I think that the WWE is gonna save the title match for SummerSlam, which really, they should. The Authority is probably gonna do the whole "If you want to get to this guy for a title match, then you're going to have to beat this guy" and so they can send someone like Kane, Big Show, or if Mark Henry (if he's still a heel) to fight Lesnar. I mean it only makes sense since they are all in with The Authority
  5. Yeah, it's imperative that they save the match with Rollins for Summerslam. It'd be silly to throw it on a B-PPV unless they want to do Brock vs Rollins at Battleground and then the rumored Brock vs Rollins vs Reigns triple-threat at Summerslam.

    To be honest, the fact that he may be competing at Battleground just further convinces me that he isn't leaving Summerslam with the championship. Not that I expect him to eat a pinfall after being put down by nefarious means either, but if they don't plan on having him walk out with the title, then perhaps the purpose of Battleground is to give him a dominating win over someone just so they can avoid having him go two matches in a row (Wrestlemania and Summerslam) where he leaves without obtaining the actual victory.

    I figure Kane will have definitely turned babyface by then and will probably be Seth's opponent for the championship at Battleground, but in the event that he hasn't and is still playing lapdog for The Authority, either book him or Big Show against Lesnar or (more desirably) book Kane AND the Big Show against Brock in a handicap match at Battleground. Brock being forced to square off against the two of them at the same time and WINNING would make Seth shit his pants (since he would know that he's next on the list) and would be badass as hell.
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