Brock Lesnar, Triple H's ego and what's good for business!

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  1. Now we all know that if Brock/HHH 2 was actually happening at WM, HHH would take his win back as Brock is leaving anyway and they won't care about building him as a monster or something.

    But now things have changed, reports say that Brock has signed a 2 years extension with the WWE which will insure him being around until about WM31.

    So Brock can't take a loss now that he is staying, he is still suffering imo from his loss to Cena and it will be utter stupid for them to book him to lose again.

    It's clear that if they indeed go on with the direction of this match, then Brock should go over no matter what.

    I say this is the point and moment that we can all judge HHH, if he does indeed go over at WM then the guy is clearly putting his ego above everything else.

    Brock losing at WM is not good for business.
  2. Well, any hopes that Brock was facing Undertaker and Triple H was facing someone else (or perhaps keeping his big nose and forehead off the card completely) are all shattered after Brock gave Vince an F-5. That was an obvious set up for Triple H coming back for revenge if there ever was one. It make sense angle wise, but I just don't care to see Wrestlemania headlined by TWO rematches.

    Wrestlemania is usually about the baby faces getting their big wins. So expect Brock to job. I can't see HHH taking three losses in a row (he's lost his last two matches) and if anything, Brock supposedly signing a new two year deal means he is more open to take losses, in my opinion. You don't expect him to be undefeated for two years, do you?
  3. What you are saying would be right if it was a regular 2 years contract, but in case of Brock Lesnar's contract, things are different.
    He has limited appearances and matches, he only wrestled 2 matches in his first year with the Wm match being his 3rd.

    So yes, I expect them to book him to stay undefeated until he faces Undertaker or something when he can finally lose.

    Plus, if he loses at WM, his record will be 1-2.
    How is that any good?
  4. Most fans don't care about win-loss records. Brock losing to Cena (while unnecessary) didn't really affect his drawing power, as Summerslam proved. Plus, Brock dominated that match and even had it won if not for the ref being knocked out.

    I don't want to come out in defense of Triple H beating Brock since I don't look forward to it, just saying it makes logical sense for Triple H to win the rematch, and it doesn't change that Brock still made him tap cleanly in their first encounter. Brock can still win his next string of matches, depending on who his future opponents are.

    And an Undertaker match is likely out of the question completely if it doesn't happen this year (like it should, but almost certainly won't at this point.) Wrestlemania 30 should be Cena/Undertaker.
  5. Well, Lesnar came back like a badass and jobbed to Cena after two moves. Then he beat HHH clean at Summerslam and his drawing power wasn't hurt. Tbh, since I don't know how Brock's schedule will be, I don't know what to think. Storyline-wise, it makes sense for Triple H to win. And HHH beating Lesnar won't mean he's necessarily better, Brock beat him clean at Summerslam and nothing's gonna change that. It may halt Brock's momentum, but the 6 months in which he'll disappear after WM will halt it just as bad.
  6. I really was disappointed to find out that they brought back Brock Lesnar, just so he can be fed to Triple H.

    Triple H lost in an awesome match. To me, that's when sometimes someone needs to learn to move on. Triple H needs to focus on what is happening backstage, and actually do his so called 'role' as C.O.O.
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