News Brock Lesnar Unlikely to Return to UFC

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  1. Dave Meltzer discussed Jon Jones’ testing positive for a banned substance on the recent installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and indicated that the chances of Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for UFC have lessened significantly.

    The belief is that Lesnar will be around 42 years old if Jones receives a two year suspension when he is able to fight again. It is very unlikely that the fight will take place at all now. With Jones suspended, there are really no fights for Lesnar that would be anywhere close to as marketable, lowering any payout for him in UFC.

    The odds of Lesnar sticking around with WWE once his contract expires around WrestleMania 34 are much higher and his leveraging is more in favor of WWE now that Jones is suspended.

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  2. He "unofficially" retired. He will likely want to settle down after WWE.
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  3. I'm happy for Lesnar to stick long as he actually shows up...

    I could honestly see Lesnar "retiring" after Wrestlemania 34 and then
    "pulling a Goldberg" by returning when he's 50 for a "final" run.
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