Brock Lesnar Update, Top Wrestlers To Never Compete In WWE & More? HMM!?

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2,068.04 has compiled a list of the Top 10 wrestlers to never compete in WWE, including the Midnight Express, Abdullah the Butcher, Nikita Koloff, Magnum T.A., New Jack and of course, Sting. Here’s what the article said about Sting:
“There is no doubt that if Sting had ever decided to ply his trade for Mr. McMahon, the results would have been phenomenal. Because of his immense success throughout the industry, The Stinger would have been a great fit for the pageantry and spectacle of WWE. Of course, the one Superstar that the WWE Universe would clamor to see Sting face would be The Undertaker. Perhaps if there was one person who could have upended The Deadman’s WrestleMania Streak, it would be Sting himself. “
With WWE Payback less than 2 weeks away, reports that original plans called for Brock Lesnar to have his 3rd and final match with Triple H on the show. However, due to The Rock’s injury and CM Punk taking time off after WrestleMania, the decision was made to jump right into that match at Extreme Rules. There has been renewed talk of Lesnar feuding with CM Punk later this year.
:hmm:????? Are that trying to piss us off by tell us what we know already!? Or Are that tessing something?!


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I really hoped Sting would go to WWE and face Undertaker, but I don't see it now. It's possible if Taker stays for two more Wrestlemania's, which isn't out of the question, so he can face Cena in his last outing. Sting/Taker - even at their current age - would be really awesome imo.

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