Brock Lesnar v John Cena Contract Signing

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. We know that's next week on RAW, question is, who's going through the table?
  2. 'Twill probably just be another brawl. Seeing as I expect Brock to win at ER I can't really see him putting John through the table with his 3rd unanswered F5.
  3. Johnny to change it up a little.
  4. Same feeling. Could happen..
  5. Probably no one, same as Punk Cena's signing before MITB.
  6. Lmao at that gif in your spoiler sig Seabs (Johnny English one). Was loling for about 5 minutes straight.
  7. There will be an e-signature via satellite.
  8. John is going through the table theres no way Brock is going through it. The contract signing is gonna be messy
  9. I expect them to brawl, but not necessarily someone goes through a table. If the table is indeed broken, it could be Lesnar to balance the feud, Cena to show Lesnar's dominance, or even Johnny as previously stated, for Cena to go morally over for the week and Lesnar not looking weak.
  10. Ace imo defo why not?
  11. 99% of the time, whoever gets the 'last word' in a feud before the PPV loses the PPV match. And since I expect Lesnar to win (except for a possible double count out/DQ finish), I see Cena putting Lesnar through the table.
  12. I doubt that - Lesnar is meant to be seen as this returning monster, I'd be surprised if Brock doesn't win cleanly at ER, I'd also be surprised if Cena gets the upper hand even once in this feud.
  13. Lesner is no doubt
  14. I'm just now catching up with the latest WWE happenings since Wrestlemania...i know Brock Lesnar is back, but honestly, he bores me. Yes, he is a powerhouse "ass kicker" but im like eh. Probably cause I like the charisma and personality of wrestlers and he just doesn't have it. I know they didn't sign him up for that though. At least it should be a great match.
  15. REALLY? I agree with ur point about charisma but guy rules! He's best thing thats happened in a while and I'm more stoked bout him than I was Rock! :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Tbh he hasn't done much to entice new fans in, all he's done is an F5 and a kick in the balls behind Cena's back. So if you're not a Brock mark he hasn't made you one so far, that interview he had was good but not good enough to interest new people imo.
  17. Yeah true point Seabs I'm just stoked as it's Brock but that's based on the past as you state!
  18. But i think the original point of bringing Lesnar back to WWE was the same as Rock, bring back some old fans of his that weren't watching WWE anymore.
  19. That is the point precisely Leo! Just I'm more stoked for the Lesnar return than I was the Rock return. Guy is just a beast.
  20. If it wasn't for the internet reports I would have probably get close to a heart attack when Lesnar's theme hits, it would have been such a surprise. I'm excited for his return as well, I hope he can still be close to what he was in 2004 in the in ring aspect.
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