Brock Lesnar vs Overeem

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  1. I believe Lesnar is one of the best that ever went in WWE.He retired in 2004 but still many WWE fans talk about him, especially after his UFC debut.

    Lesnar was the UFC Heavyweight champion but he lost it about a year ago to Cain Velasquez.Since then he hasn't fought because of a surgery.In Dec 30th Lesnar will be fighting Overeem (K1 champion of 2010,Strikoforce and Dream heavyweight champion untill he left) for the No 1 contender.

    That means the winner of this match will face the heavyweight champion 'Junior Dos Santos'.

    It's a match that Lesnar really has and wants to win.Losing might end any chances to be the heavyweight champion again..

    Here's a preview

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  2. Brock will probably take him down and cave his face in. Ovreem is alot better on the feet but has poor td defense I believe. Lets be honest though neither will really test JDS imo. Also Brock is a retired superstar so this is probably in the right place lol. Who do you think will win the fight?
  3. Everyone thinks that Overeem will win the fight but he isn't that tough as they think.
    Lesnar has a one punch knockout power and he can KO his opponent as he thinks he has no standup.

    Although we can't underestimate Overeem's ground game, he has many submission win,
    but I believe that if Brock takes him to the ground he will TKO him or even submit him.

    I'll go for Lesnar :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. I don't follow UFC but I want to, where can I watch this fight in the UK? I obviously want Lesnar to win.
  5. It's on ESPN live starting at 11pm on the the 31st.
  6. Don't have ESPN. Doubt I'll pay for it for a month just to see that match either, lol.
  7. I will post (or PM) a link for the live streaming.
    Don't worry :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I am afraid the Dutch muay thai (best in the world) of Overeem will floor Lesnar...
  9. Actually he was a kickboxing world champion.
    But it was a year when K-1 (kickboxing organization) wasn't at the most competitive years.

    I believe Lesnar can take punches, we'll see though in 4 days :emoji_slight_smile:.
    I've been waiting for this main event for over a month!
  10. Lesnar can take so many hits can't he? He's a tough cookie, if there was any superstar from WWE who could;d make it in UFC it would always of been Lesnar.
  11. How about Kurt Angle apparently him and Lesnar used to spar alot backstage and Brock ended up on his back 9 /10 by all accounts. I'm not sure his neck could take it though. Then again it never stopped him wrestling lol.
  12. Never knew that, didn't think he had the size or power like Lesnar had.
  13. He probably wasn't as strong but had a lot better technique.
    One time it happened according to Brisco Kurt got the better of him.
    Quote Upon talking to Gerald Brisco recently, I asked him to tell me what he recalled about the time that Lesnar and Angle had an impromptu match in South Dakota many years ago. I watched it from ringside and didn’t think that either man had a decided advantage for any extended length of time but Gerald remembers that it was Angle that got the better of the situation on that occasion. This is one of those stories that will grow and be embellished as the years go by.
    source :
    It seems to be common in the story that the fight was close but Brock was brought down in the end. The only person to say otherwise apparently is Brock so.
  14. I believe Kurt was a better wrestler than Lesnar.
    he's a gold medalist.

    Goldberg could have made it into MMA in his prime
  15. Wow, quite interesting. He was always a technician though Angle. Shame to not see him end his career at WWE, dunno really how well he's getting on at TNA.

    As of now though, I'm pretty sure Brock would beat him comfortable with all the training etc he does.
  16. Brock would kill him no doubt. Kurt's had multiple neck surgeries since 2003 I think and Brock could be able to pick a choke really early or even a stiff jab could cause his neck to snap back.
  17. Anyone watching live today?
  18. What time is it on UK time?
  19. I think it's at 2.00 am UK time.
    Go to to be sure, they have a counter.

    I'm watching it live today :emoji_slight_smile: