Summerslam Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

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  1. Currently a rumour but I think it's going to happen. They are officially announcing it tonight on Smackdown but I don't see why they would announce anyone else on the roster that isn't out with an injury. We thought Bray vs Brock for Summerslam might of been happening but I doubt it since the Wyatts are feuding with New day. Lesnar vs Owens would be another great choice but I don't think it'll happen. Same for Cesaro...

    How do you see Lesnar vs Orton playing out? Who picks up the victory. I think this has potential to be one of the biggest feuds of the year. I'm pumped. I've been calling for this match for a long time.
  2. It was confirmed on Smackdown in Canada, Brock will pick up the quick victory obviously, that's if Mark Hunt doesn't knock his ass out at UFC 200.
  3. Bound to happen sooner or later I'm just glad it's confimed for the second biggest show of the year. Who goes over here depends completely on what happens at UFC200. Lesnar wins, I assume he'll go over Orton in a very dominant fashion. If Lesnar gets laid out I could see Orton going over clean. WWE made a good move with putting Orton against Lesnar because either way the company wins. Either you put over Lesnar and put the belt back on him for another few months and profit from all the hype Or you could have Orton beat Lesnar clean and insert him right back into the title hunt...a real win win situation.

    I just want a F5 reversed into an RKO finish and I'll be happy.
  4. Pretty sure that is what everyone wants to see. I can see why, but I'd be much more impressed if Lesnar made up for his match at WM against Angle and went for a SSP only to get RKO'd out of it~
  5. I don't care where that match happens, SummerSlam, Rumble, Mania, as long as it ends up happening, I'm a happy camper.
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  6. oh dear god yes or even better a nearfall! Then that SSP for the next RKO! 1 2 3
  7. I doubt Lesnar using a SSP in any match that isn't a 'Mania match...and even then it's not likely. He gets paid millions to just show up and german suplex a guy for 10-15 minutes. No need to put in any effort on his end.
  8. Don't get your hopes up, peeps. Lesnar ain't pulling a SSP ever again.
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  9. It's still effort. Suplexing a dude 10-20 times is a workout. What works so well about his style is you know he's capable of doing anything anyone else can do in the ring. He doesn't have to though, he's Brock. That works in both a kayfabe and shoot sense really.
  10. Actually a match I want to see. Hoping Orton returns as a killer heel, not some Authority puppet.
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  11. Baby or heel, I'm behind the run 100%. Orton and Cena don't have many years left. It's time to really appreciate each time they go out there and tear it up.
  12. Why on earth did WWE choose Randy? Do they not know how fragile Randy has become as of late? And I seriously cannot believe that WWE even considered it, let alone announced it. Randy is someone who has been out longer than Rollins, Cena and Cesaro combined, and his first match back, WWE puts him up against someone who has been proven to be reckless in the ring and is more than capable of putting Randy back on the sidelines in his first match back, or even worse, Randy could get injured enough to the point where no one will allow him to wrestle again.

    This is company wide negligence and this match being announced should be protested and changed to Roman Reigns so that Roman can be properly punished for his test failure. Roman should have been made to lose in a squash match to Brock as punishment for his Wellness test failure. Yes, Roman is a top guy, he failed a Wellness test and he did it WHILE HE WAS CHAMPION. To me, that constitutes further punishment. Having him out of the title picture for a lengthy amount of time and having him get squashed by Lesnar in a one sided match at a high profile pay per view seems appropriate to me.
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  13. Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton at SummerSlam is now official.

  14. I like how they did this. Instead of building it in some story driven way, they went with a more sports-like approach of announcing the match. They had no other way, if they wanted to keep some level of kayfabe since they already announced that he was booked.

    I'm looking forward to this. I'm sure this is their first match, let alone their first big match.
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  15. The match can be great if it is not booked like Ambrose vs Lesnar at Mania. It was booked terribly. They could have Lesnar dominate but Dean should have done more or kickout more because HE IS A LUNATIC. Now let's skip that horrible booked match. Now there could have been a better match according to the fans like Cesaro or Owens. I would like to see it as well but if current WWE Champ Dean wasnt able to do much, what would Cesaro and Owens do? It would be a squash match. That's the reality. Neither Owens nor Cesaro have been booked in a strong way in the last few months so this looks like a good option. Shield trio and Cena is busy atm also Lesnar feuded with all. So this can be The Youngest WWE Champion ever vs Youngest WHC. I doubt if they will use it but I would like to see this one. This can be great especially if Orton is booked strongly not only in the match also in the build up. Another good things is that Orton was so stale. He got injured a lot, he came back and injured again. Had lots of turns and now he can be like that Orton who we didn't see much since 2011. This can be beneficial for Orton no matter the result of the match is. Also RKO counter to F-5 would be amazing.
  16. This is their second match. They had one back in 2002 when they were both youngsters.

    The match at SummerSlam is going to rule.
  17. I'm actually looking forward to this just for the fact that it's going to be Brock's first non-squash match in about 2 years.
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    It just seems crazy to think that anything involving Brock and WWE will be even semi-competitive. This is a guy who has treated Reigns, Cena, Batista, Helmsley, Michaels, Undertaker, Rollins, and Ambrose like they're fucking ants, and at this point, they're all far above Orton on the pecking order and Orton hasn't been anywhere near a top guy since probably WrestleMania 30. I'm expecting Orton to get an RKO on Brock which Brock kicks out of at 1, and maybe a punch if he's lucky. Other than that he's getting ragdolled for 20 minutes or so.
  19. The Undertaker? That was hardly a squash, and was one of the most hyped and brutal matches/feuds in recent WWE history. And the same with his match against Rollins and Cena at the Royal Rumble.
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