Brock Lesnar vs Shawn Michaels

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  1. This is an idea that popped in my head earlier.

    Brock's contract says that over the next year, he's only gonna wrestle for 8 PPVs, and we've just seen one of them. He's fighting Triple H, probably at Summerslam. He is rumored to fight either Rock or Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Brock/Orton was originally rumored for Summerslam, and it will certainly happen at some point. An eventual rematch against Cena is very probable, in my opinion. CM Punk and Sheamus are two other (much less likely) opponents.

    My point is, I'm thinking about who else he could fight for the 8 PPVs that he's gonna appear at. And in thinking about this, I considered the possibility that Michaels might come out of retirement to fight Brock. Michaels may be retired, but we all knew he'd probably be back for a match or two here and there like Foley (though probably not as much.) And as it is, HBK/HHH is already heavily rumored for WM29. So, I'm thinking a Brock/Michaels feud is a possibility.

    Maybe Triple H allows himself to lose to and maybe even suffers further injuries in some way from his fight from Brock. So his best friend, Shawn Michaels, steps in and challenges Brock to a match. This could also be cool in another way. Triple H and Michaels were already in argument about who was truly better while building the WM match against Taker up. And then there's the rumors of the two of them fighting next year, where the angle will obviously be based on having one final match against each other to find who who is truly better. And so, if Brock comes back and beats Triple H, then HBK stepping in and being the one to put Brock down would be another way of him proving to himself that he is better than Triple H, by doing something he couldn't do, while at the same time getting his own sort of 'revenge' on Brock for hurting his best friend. Plus, HBK has a good history of making big men look like a million bucks in the ring... Not that Brock necessarily needs a superior wrestler to make him look good in the ring, but still.

    Either way, Brock/HBK is a match and feud we haven't seen before and it would be great to see it.
  2. It's a good idea and it would set up a nice feud between HHH and HBK, but I don't think Shawn will ever come out of retirement.
  3. If he was an active superstar then I would want to see it, but I don't want to see him come out of retirement, I want him Undertaker to be his last opponent, and go off on a high. Though I have no doubt it would be an unbelievable match.
  4. Ugh reminding me that he's going to feud with HHH makes me sad.
  5. /me believes that Lesner isn't gonna be put over by a selfish bastardo.:bury:
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