Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Could work imo..

    It could solidify Sheamus as a ''man who loves to fight''.

    Would you book it?
  2. God no. Imagine the promos... :aries:

    You won't Sheamus. I can feel it. I can feel the feeling that you're feeling, and I know it's real, because I can feel it! :lol1:

    Maybe if Heyman is alongside Lesnar.
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  4. :laugh:

    Match based: Yeah son..
  5. Yeah sure, match based it could be very good and would put over someone who could actually use it, so it's a good idea.
  6. Yeah. This year, Sheamus basically just did smaller guys..
  7. I can't really see it, to be honest. Sheamus is too boring to make the match interesting, and if Brock was going to have another match there's probably other superstars who could use it more. DB vs Brock, for instance. Imagine a little guy like DB making Brock tap. I'd pay to see that.
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  8. Agreed 100%
  9. Gotta agree on partially, would love to see DB vs Brock. Bryan making Brock tap would make me mark so hard.
  10. God DB vs Brock needs to happen.
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  11. While I'd prefer Bryan vs. Lesnar as I like Bryan much more than Sheamus and I can only imagine how much better that match would be, just based off current and past booking, Sheamus vs. Lesnar is something that makes much more sense and also something I've wanted to see for awhile. So yeah, I'd definitely book it.
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