Brock Lesnar Wants The WWE Title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2013.

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    The quote next to him says "The goal now of course, is to win the WWE title again".
  2. I figured this was coming eventually, what with Rock of all people winning the world title again and everything.
  3. A brock title reign could work if he says he will make the belt a "real belt" like the UFC one. He already has the work schedule of a MMA fighter, fighting a couple of times a year. Him wanting to "legitimize" the WWE belt could work in my mind.
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  4. I would love to see him as a WWE Champion.
  5. This would be absolutely perfect for WWE although it would never happen - imagine if WWE let Brock fight a few more fights or however many in UFC and Lesnar won the UFC Title again. Imagine he brought it on the show and was carrying around both the WWE and UFC Championships at some point, allowing him to brag about being the most dominant man in the world in both sports. It would put someone over huge if Lesnar lost the WWE Title while still carrying around the UFC Championship. There would be a mentality from said wrestler of "Go back to UFC, because I'm top dog here."

    Will never happen that way, but it'd be great if it did.
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  6. I'd mark how would everyone do it?
  7. Planting Rock/Lesnar feud seeds already? Damn :shock:

    Lesnar/Rock for the Title at Mania 30?
  8. I seriously hope not. I don't want to see Rock win the title yet again.
  9. I reckon it will be.
  10. The good side of it is that Lesnar could be the guy to dethrone Cena for the belt, thus getting a big win over him to make up for Extreme Rules. It would almost be the same situation as the Rock/Cena feud - Cena loses the first bout but wins the second when something more important is at stake (WWE Championship.) Hopefully though, Brock losing the title would help the build towards Rock/Brock if that match just has to happen, perhaps he pisses Rock off or attacks him, and Rock pays him back by helping cost him the title leading up to Wrestlemania (yeah, they likely wouldn't snatch the title from him before Mania, but it's an idea.)
  11. I'd mark so much.

    Inb4 part timer
  12. My thoughts on Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Championship are the exact same as my thoughts on Rock winning the WWE Championship. I don't feel like going into that entire spiel again, so I'll just summarize and say they aren't positive.
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  13. Does this mean another Cena/Lesnar match?
  14. Have him win the World Title instead to make it look good again! But Idk if he can with this whole 2 appearece a month contract thing?
  15. I like that the arrow is pointing at his dick :gusta:
  16. Brock/Cena again would be great, I say they will go for it at SummerSlam or Survivor Series.
  17. I say give the man the belt, it would make the championship look hella good considering Brock is a beast.
  18. Lesnar picks up title leading to end of PG era? :obama:
  19. Highly unlikely the PG era will end either way IMO, it's still financially viable so will be pushed on with.
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