Brock Lesnar: Worth the Investment? Sescoops Article by Michael Hicks

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    Brock Lesnar’s current slogan is “Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat.” However, based upon the amount of time we have seen him in recent weeks, it could easily be changed to “Eat, Skip Out on Appearances, Collect a Paycheck, Repeat.”

    Since his return to television this year, Lesnar has competed in one throwaway match with the Big Show that lasted about two minutes and appeared on television a handful of times.

    Should Lesnar do more of the talking, or are fans satisfied with Heyman serving as his mouthpiece?

    Thus far, the most memorable moment of his return was when he squawked like a bird after roughing up Mark Henry. During his most recent run, he has spoken once that I can remember and has not appeared for more than a few minutes at a time while idly standing next to Heyman as he cuts a promo.

    I am not faulting Lesnar. He signed the deal and that is all he committed to. However, I am questioning the WWE in regard to whether Lesnar is worth the investment. His last contract was for one year and was supposedly worth around $5 million. He recently signed another deal that will keep him with the company through WrestleMania 31 that is undoubtedly worth just as much, if not more.

    His feuds with CM Punk and Triple H last year were somewhat entertaining, but his recent run has been less than satisfying. His “feud” with the Undertaker should be a case study in how a part-timer can ruin the build-up for a marquee match-up.

    The only face-to-face confrontation so far between Lesnar and Taker was the contract signing, where both men remained silent, and the only action was Taker chokeslamming Lesnar through a table.


    Lesnar did not appear on this week’s RAW, leading to a brief confrontation between Heyman and Taker, and Lesnar is also not scheduled to appear at next week’s event either. This leaves two weeks to somehow build the match into something people are willing to pay to see.

    In my opinion, Lesnar is not providing a solid return on investment. All three pay-per-views Lesnar competed in last year (WrestleMania, Extreme Rules, and SummerSlam) featured considerably fewer buys than the previous year’s version (it is worth noting that Lesnar and Triple H headlined Extreme Rules).

    After returning in 2012, fans were excited to see Lesnar once again and every event he competed in was a huge success. However, the novelty has worn off and he does not seem to be the attraction he used to be. I think this can primarily be blamed on his part-time schedule though.

    Fans would be excited to see Lesnar compete, as he is a great competitor when he decides to actually wrestle a match, but his part-time schedule makes it all-but-impossible for the WWE to insert him into a decent feud, let alone the title picture.

    Ultimately, I believe the WWE will soon realize that spending millions of dollars to have Brock Lesnar appear for a handful of minutes throughout the year while taking up main event slots at various pay-per-views is not only a poor investment, it’s not best for business.

    How do you feel about Brock’s 2014 return? Is his part-time schedule preventing you from becoming interested in his WMXXX match-up? Is he still an attraction worth paying to see? Let us know by posting here on the thread.

  2. Brock Lesnar is a piece of sh**. Brock PPV numbers were below average during his first run....
    Besides the fact that MMA fans are cocks***ers, the only reason Brock could draw in that sport was because he was a novelty act... he only fought 8 times and people wanted to see how the circus freak would compete in legit bouts
    I'm not taking away from the fact Brock was born with extraordinary physical prowess... but why would any company pay that kind of $ for a guy whose never held a full time job in his life longer than 3 years
    He hates fans, he hates media, he hates committing to anything and the moment he's asked to step out of his comfort just a bit, he quits
    For a guy like Vince (who apparently grinds it some 80 hrs a week) he's pretty f***ing stupid to slide that dou*** all of that cheddar heading company whose business model is the exact antithesis of Brock Lesnar's character

    The dude is a complete disgrace to Vince McMahon. If it wasn't for Vince (who isn't a saint by any stretch), Brock's life would be dramatically less convenient. Man to man, Brock should show Vince far more respect than he's shown
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  3. I think Brock's sporadic appearances add to his aura. Sometimes less is more.
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  4. I couldn't care less if he's "worth the investment" (which I would have to think he is, otherwise they wouldn't continue to pay him as much dough as they do), all that matters to me is that he's more entertaining than 99.9% of the WWE roster. His part-time shcedule only makes his occasion appearances and matches all the more special imo. As Laura said, sometimes less is more.

    In regards to drawing below-average PPV numbers back during his initial run... not that any of that matters now, but for what it's worth, McMahon once stated in a 2004 interview on Off The Record that you can find on Youtube that Brock was actually just starting to become a box office attraction when he left. If he had stuck around for all these years (especially if he remained a heel instead of becoming a bland and vanilla babyface like he did for a brief time back then), he could have easily become a reliable draw. Not everyone becomes a big attraction overnight. Stone Cold didn't either.
  5. Brock is WWE's biggest draw that they can regularly call upon. But they need to re-think how they use him in the future because some of his booking has been terrible.
  6. I was unaware his PPV buy's were worse than years prior. Interesting.
  7. It's a misleading statement. ER & SS doesn't tell you anything because Brock appeared at those two shows in 2012 too. And WrestleMania is always going to be about more than just Brock, so it's likely Rock/Cena 2 was responsible for the dip in buys there.
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  8. Bare in mind he seems to being compared with himself. ER for example drew 209k in 2011 and 231k in 2013 so he boosted that by 22k buys even though it's down from his figures the previous year.

    Summerslam did 296k in 2011 358k in 2012 and then back to 296k in 2013 (Brock being the main attraction only in 2012 with Bryan / Cena obviously in 2013, could that have harmed it idk.) He didn't boost that one but didn't lose it either.

    Brock's sporadic appearances have killed his buzz to an extent but he's still seemingly making them money. I've not included Mania as that sells its self and I'm too lazy to check up his tv ratings / merch sales but he doesn't seem to be doing bad on PPVs.
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  9. In terms of actual profit, the only places where Lesnar moved numbers were Extreme Rules 2012 and SummerSlam 2012. WWE's 2013 was much less profitable than 2012, IIRC, sure they had more buys overall, but they also had The Rock and Lesnar on payrolls.
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  10. u guy do know i did not write this right? this is from sescoops!
  11. No one said you did....
  12. just making sore.
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  14. What about the Royal Rumble buyrate? While I wouldn't expect Brock vs Big Show to draw at all, but that moment when Show chucked Brock across the ring was by far the most exciting and memorable thing in the buildup and felt like a real "watercooler" moment, if you will. It's something that only Brock seems to be able to do and couldn't have hurt interest and buys
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