Brock Lesnar.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Going to make this thread now. Was up with Tzesi talking about the UFC main event last night, where Lesnar was done in 2 minutes 20 seconds by a kick to the stomach. Lesnar said after the match you'll never see him in the octagon again because he's retiring. Major news.

    Instantly, as a WWE fan, return to WWE came to mind. Wrestlemania match maybe?!?!
  2. i think thats what everyone is thinking some even think its 1.2.12 i mean its possible in some ways i mean jericho was saying its not him everyone still thinks it is now what if when vince was in talks with brock and the ufc dude the three of them kept it a secret?
  3. Lol that's one hell of a conspiracy :emoji_wink:. If he does return (IF) on 2nd January then I might just think it was fixed. If he is to return I reckon he'll take like 6 months off or something before returning, I doubt he'll jump straight in.
  4. As Dana White said, he is still under contract with UFC until they work something out.
  5. When did he say this? By 2013 WM will he be out of contract?
  6. Quote "Dana said that Lesnar is retiring from UFC under contract and will remain under contract unless he and Lesnar can come to terms. Dana said he doesn't think Lesnar should retire but won't argue with a man who wants to retire."
  8. Don't get yourself too excited. I don't think that he will come back. He hated it when he was there.

    I would love him to comeback though.
  9. Brock probably would only comeback for a match or 2 nothing long term he just can't seem to handle it when thing start going against him.
  10. Definitely think a WWE match at WM is something he'd do. One match with a massive pay-check, of course he won't deny that.
  11. He's retiring under contract apparently, so unless they can negotiate it and vince can give him enough money, he isn't going anywhere soon :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. Next Wrestlemania isn't until 2013 anyway, I pretty much knew he wouldn't be coming back for this years. It's a mistake if he did anyway, Rock is already the draw.
  13. He's not coming back for a while. Yes maybe he will. But if he does there gonna use him as there using The Rock right now.
  14. That's what I think too. He'll be next years Wrestlemania draw.
  15. Definitely wouldn't mind if he came back. Would like him vs Taker if I'm honest.