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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tzesi, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. I just watched Brock vs Cena "Extreme rules" and I really think Brock performed well.The third elbow must had hurt a bit :emoji_grin:.

    So any news if he will still be on WWE or he will continue his MMA career.
    I personally enjoy him more on WWE.
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  2. They said he had a bad meeting with the UFC owner, so I can see him more likely heading to WWE
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  3. He'll be back soon to put over some talent, probably the ones that dont need putting over
  4. Sadly no. His dates are even more limited. He will be @ summerslam but after that he will disappear until 2013 and then come back @ WM 29. @[Tzesi]
  5. He's got 7 more PPVs on his contract. Summerslam and Wrestlemania 29 will be two of them.
  6. Well, he's got a contract until WM 29, so he'll stick with WWE for now, unless he gets pissed off for some reason and leaves like he did the first time.
  7. As a Brock Lesnar fan I must say he is an incredible athlete. He clearly is a monster in the ring in WWE or in the octagon in UFC. Brock defintely beat the living shit out of Cena and he legit busted open Cena for real it was awesome. Brock so needs to come back soon and kick more ass
  8. He's going to be with WWE until Wrestlemania 29 basically. He'll job at Summerslam to HHH and then job again at WM and we'll all be complaining about how they ruined one of the best returns in recent history.
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  9. Well put. :true:
  10. Brock is as fault just as much as WWE. Actually, more.
  11. Why? :downer:
  12. HHH needs to be put over too bro, he's young talent!!
  13. :gusta:
  14. For being a dick, for leaving the WWE 8 years ago and talking trash. WWE and Lesnar haven't been on good terms. It's as much his fault. He's not exactly an HBK type worker.
  15. Well, this is true, the guy is a mercenary. He doesn't love the business. But I, for one, believe that his second run in WWE isn't working out mostly because of WWE, because they booked him into obscurity and wasted many appearances in only one month while rushing a big match like Brock vs Cena, and made Lesnar lose. Now, instead of having him build younger talent or solidify someone who's not a fix main eventer, they put him in a feud against HHH.
  16. Yeah, but he only has like 5 appearences now. summerslam, a couple of pre WM 29 raws and WM 29. Lesnar is kind of a lost cause at this point
  17. Five? I'm pretty sure he's got more appearances than that, otherwise, they would signed a deal of 10 appearances with him? For five millions? Unlikely. I think there are at least 20 on his contract.
  18. 1 per month.
  19. I'm pretty sure there are two per month. :sad:
  20. nope, it was revealed that there were less.
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