Brock Lesnar's First Challengers In WWE

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  1. The WWE website has posted an article looking at "Five Superstars Bracing For Brock." The article names Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Big Show and Kane as potential challengers for Lesnar in the coming months.
  2. At least one of these guys will go up one on one with Brocky. Who knows which one though.
  3. The only one I'd slightly enjoy would be Orton. The rest can leave him well alone.
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  4. Good God what a waste Big Show or Kane would be. The rest have potential.
  5. I thought that exactly as well.
  6. Considering the year Randys had with matches in 2011-12 he is the only one I'd really want to see face Brock. The idea of Brock vs Henry makes me shudder. :upset:
  7. Henry would be better than Big Show or Sheamus. Big Show we've seen so many times against Brock, and he can't make anyone look good, the match quality would be terrible. Sheamus is in burial mode and the last thing I want to see is Sheamus go over someone like Brock Lesnar. Henry would be hilarious and I guarantee we'll see some pretty freaky stuff from Brock against him, but it's still not good and the match quality would be poor.

    Orton is an awesome wrestler, and has amazing facial expressions. He'd need to go back to psycho mode and feud with Brock or legend killer or something, it could be awesome though.

    Still not my preferred choice, I'd rather see Brock vs Cena, Brock vs Dolph or Brock vs Rhodes.
  8. Brock feuding with Henry would be pretty damn good. Of those 5 I'd order them like this

    1.) Orton (only if Brock buries that jabroni)
    2.) Sheamus
    3.) Henry
    4.) Kane
    5.) Big Show
  9. If he's squashing Show, I'll say yes.
  10. him squashing show does nothing except waste some of the 365 days WWE has to use Lesnar
  11. Lol, okay. Then a F5 for Henry & Kane.
  12. Out of the young guns the WWE have at the moment I'd want to see Barrett Face Brock at least once. Wade is one of the few new guys not named Sheamus who looks like he is the same physical size as Brock and can still wrestle well (Mason or Exekiel would be a snooze fest). Another guy I'd like to see is McGillicutty. Like Wade he is in the same physical range as Brock (without the enormous muscles but still kind of the same size.) He is damn good in the ring and he has really improved his mic and charisma work in NXT lately so I think he deserves a shot at one of the big shows.
  13. McGullicuty vs Brock Lesnar would make me vomit.

    Wade is a good idea, he'd be awesome against Brock.
  14. Now Cray I understand that taste is like the ass, split in two. But I've liked the improvement I've seen in McGillicutty lately and while he wouldn't put up any PPV main events with Brock I believe they could create atleast a B+ graded match in the ring.

    McGillicuttys feud with Tyson Kidd on NXT has been really great and you've seen both stars evolve so much since it started. Tyson turns out is quite charismatic as a face and a much better talker then he was back in the Hart Dynasty. He was on commentary on this weeks NXT and did a decent job as well.

    But you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Just felt I could explain my reasoning for McGillicutty. :otunga:
  15. were is cena brock attacked him
  16. I can only speak from personal taste but I'd say I wouldn't really want to see it (I know it will happen but still.) Is because Brock is one of the least charismatic and skilled superstars on the mic whilst John Cena cannot sell eating a slice of cheese.
  17. I wouldn't mind Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar, that would be interesting. I also wouldn't mind Wade vs Brock that would also be something really interesting, with Wade's mic skills and with their talents this could be somewhat a decent feud but sadly enough Wade isn't listed above, so it isn't going to happen, sadly.
  18. Considering that Brock will be here until the next WM and Wade is back around August it could still be a reality.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of them both on NXT. They're improving great, Michael Mciengheruin had a really good mic segment too. The feud was better than most RTWM feuds at the time. He's just a tiny, minute name to feud with one of the biggest names there is, Brock Lesnar. If it was a squash match then sure, but no would it draw like it's supposed to draw.

    I refuse to type his stupid surname, lmao.
  20. Lets just call him Joe or Henning then.
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