News Brock Lesnar's 'Go To Hell' Tour

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Sep 20, 2015.

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  2. Looking forward to it!

    Brock wrecking Show shall be fun, as well as the Stone Cold podcast, and if the HIAC match is reminiscent of the grueling war they had at No Mercy 2002, then all's cool.
  3. Pretty weird to announce the rubber match as being inside the cell through a simple commercial, but whatever. I doubt this match will top their previous cell match from thirteen years ago, but it's the perfect scenario to bring their rivalry full circle and to a complete conclusion, and it also means we won't have to wait till Wrestlemania 32 to see this feud reach it's end (since the prospect of a fourth match has next to no chance of happening), freeing up both Lesnar and Undertaker to head in different directions and square off with separate opponents come next year.

    Brock being a guest on the Stone Cold Podcast just sounds awesome... Any small possibility that Brock vs Austin could still become a reality at WM32?
  4. You read my mind. Now that Brock and taker is happening at HIAC, we will very well could see Brock vs Austin at Mania 32 considering that Brock will be a guest on his podcast and the last podcast with hey man ended with Austin talking trash about Brock.
  5. Please tell me you're kidding, right?

    He damn near killed John Cena, a healthy man in the prime of his athletic performance with no lingering injuries. Then we have the complete opposite in Austin.
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  6. That cell match is going to be a huge disappointment. It will be nothing like their 02 match and probably won't be as good as their last 2 matches. They gotta stop doing repeats with Brock Lesnar. He's only around for a limited time.
  7. I am so excited to see him on the podcast. It looks like a promising tour!
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  8. I would blow Brock Lesnar.
  9. Yes, with a bunch of vicious german-suplexes (and even though Austin has a worse history of neck injuries, Cena has still had surgery on his neck in the past before as well.) I've noticed though, that Lesnar's germans have looked a lot safer and more controlled ever since the match with Kofi at The Beast From The East in Tokyo. I'm sure it wouldn't do any serious damage to Austin if he took only a few safe german suplexes. If a match between the two ever happened, Austin isn't about to be dominated like the typical Lesnar opponent usually is. It'd be a really wild, back and forth brawl if Austin and Brock ever square off against one another. Austin has never been the Hogan or Cena-esque type of babyface who gets pummeled for 75-80% of the match before mounting a comeback.
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  10. Brocktober.
  11. If Lesnar is going to appear on the Stone Cold Podcast on the 19th, then Lesnar and Heyman both need to appear on that Raw. You can't have a main event PPV match without either of the competitors making a RAW appearance on the go home show
  12. I'm counting on that to happen, since 99.9% of the time they do a live Stone Cold Podcast on the Network, the guest on the show is always present on Raw that night as well.
  13. Yeah, there's no way in hell either Bork or Taker don't end up being on the go-home show for HIAC.
  14. It's a possibility considering what they're currently doing with the whole scenario. Brock is also fighting taker. A 52 year old broken man in a HIAC match.... Seems likely he can fight austin
  15. He's here till like 2020. He has time
  16. Age doesn't matter because Undertaker can still go. Austin hasn't competed since 2003, with multiple neck surgeries and horrible knees.
  17. Age doesn't matter?.... Are you kidding me? Why not let some 70 year olds compete?
  18. Undertaker has been injured as well. And is barely able to hold a match. Austin can maintain being thrown around a bit
  19. Um...sure.

    You haven't seen the guy wrestle in 12 years, and he can still get thrown around. I heard Curt Hennig still takes bumps like a champ too. The Undertaker may need to be protected more now, but obviously he can take better bumps than Austin, who had to take minimal bumps in his match vs. The Rock in 2003. And that was when he was younger and in-shape (somewhat)
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  20. In other words, he will have had 13 years to heal up if he were to wrestle next year, unlike Taker has.
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