Brock Lesnar's new attire (link with photo inside)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Check out Brock Lesnar's new attire that he will wear in the ring now hes back in WWE. How awesome is that attire hes kept his MMA style wear with his sponsors on his attire. Wow cant believe Vince is letting him wear this that contract of Brock's must have everything he wants
  2. I thought he would keep the MMA shorts, but good god those boots look awful. He should wear some wrestling shoes or something
  3. Awesome. Just awesome.
  4. I like it, for the fact that it fits Brock well given his current persona where they mention him being a former MMA Champ and all, as well as it being different than trunks, what is missing from WWE today. The boots do look weird though.
  5. I would have liked him to have been bare foot tbh, the boots look odd but I can understand why he needs them. The look is pretty cool and I guess he'll be using a semi shoot style now in ring, it will be cool if he GNP'd someone until they kayfabe couldn't continue.
  6. Barefoot wouldn't be feasible but I think he could have gone with wrestling shoes. Tons of MMA guys wear them in Japan and used to in UFC before they banned them

  7. I got that but I think I found the one.

  8. broken image FML
  9. Thanks for posting, but it looks like shit.
    Just give him his trunks. He's a wrestler.

    Show Spoiler
  10. He's pretty chubby now too.
  11. doesn't say anything about his attire yes, this is what his profile says:


    But the URL says: brocklesnar_1_full_old.png, so there may be a new one soon.
  12. He looks cooler in this MMA inspired gear but he needs some other boots.

  13. U can wrestle barefoot legally, it just isn't encouraged
  14. You wouldn't want to wrestle barefoot in the WWE, especially with it being extreme rules
  15. I think the attire does look sick. Brock is gonna destroy at Exteme Rules
  16. Not a massive fan of it myself, get him in his old trunks! To be fair its not really going to change how I feel about him, still want to destroy Cena at ER.
  17. Looks pretty cool. :gusta:
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