Night of Champions Brock Lesnar's Next Challenger?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WarMachine, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. So I'm looking at SEScoops, and I see this.


    WHY?!!?!?!?!!?! They're last match was absolutely terrible and I question why it was ever booked. Orton or Batista perhaps would be better to challenge Lesnar? Maybe even Sheamus?
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  2. Over Big Show, I'd literally kill to see something else happen.. I'd rather see goddamn El Torito in the ring.
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  3. Is this a fucking joke? I want Lesnar vs. Orton dammit. LESNAR vs. ORTON MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  4. Why can't Show stay off of TV??:sassy: ffs
  5. lol Fuck a-Big Show. Have Mark Henry cut promos on Brock talking about how he's about to be inducted into the Hall Of Pain. But I guess Lesnar already whopping Henry's ass on three separate occasions coupled with the fact that Mark is about to job to Rusev makes a match between Henry and Lesnar very unlikely at this point. Meh. Should have been Brock vs Henry at the Rumble earlier this year, then I probably wouldn't mind seeing Brock vs Show.

    Also, would this match be inside the cell or not? I figured if Lesnar was working Hell In A Cell, they'd probably have the NOC main event end in a double
    disqualification, leading to Cena and Lesnar settling it once and for all inside the cell in October at the PPV. And in that case, at least Cena can put on two strong performances against Brock before taking another loss.
  6. After further thinking, I can understand why they're doing this. With Mark Henry being placed in a feud with Rusev. Big Show also needs a feud. WWE right now has no legitimate babyface contenders, so I think that's why they are doing this match
  7. Just a B-PPV anyway.

    Although Bryan getting injured and Punk walking out really fucked 'em when it came to lining up a good set of opponents for Brock. They could have done Bryan vs Lesnar at Summerslam and Night Of Champions, thrown Brock a filler opponent at HIAC (either Show, Henry, or Sheamus), did Brock vs Cena at Survivor Series and TLC, had the rematch with Punk at the Rumble, etc.
  8. :ohgod: what a waste of a Brock match. I'd rather see swags tbh.
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  9. Big Show.....are you kidding me....OMG, FU WWE.
  10. As much as Orton annoys me now....I'd rather see that
  11. I think I may be the only person here who may just like to see this happen. I don't know I guess because the Big Show does not get quite as many title matches now and he has never been WWE Champion/WWE World Heavyweight Champion it would be nice to see that however there are many other wrestlers I would also like to see face Brock Lesnar including wrestlers like Daniel Bryan is that was ever possible, Seth Rollins and even Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns would be a great one but I understand plans for this to happen are in talks for Wrestlemania.
  12. Ehh, it's not like they have many challengers seeing as how Lesnar is too much of a BEAAAAST and they screwed over 90% of the rising stars in the company, so now the only guy I think can really challenge him that hasn't been in the title picture for a while is... Sheamus. Big Show happening wouldn't make me cri evertim as long as it's a decent match AND the midcard is booked properly. I liked Show in a tag team, but with Henry #rekkin Rusev, we'll probably see this.
  13. I would much rather have almost any "mid card" wrestler who is a face step up and fight Brock as of now.
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  14. I'd rather see Ryback whoop his assss!
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  15. Eat. Sleep. Be da big guy! :happy:
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  16. lol Ryback.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Wouldn't it be just fantastic if big show won the belt? :jeritroll:
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  19. That'd be bringing things full circle... and also one of the worst WWE booking decisions in recent memory. :george:
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