News Brock Lesnar's Return Date Revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 29, 2015.

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    If this is to be believed, then I hope they give us someone special for Lesnar to lay waste on.
    I can never get tired of seeing Bork causing havoc.
  2. Give us :21-1: vs :cesaro:, please and thank you. We're prolly never gonna see these two fighting on a big PPV, so might as well give it on December 19th.
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  3. Too long to wait.
    And I seem to be the only one who isn't keen on Cesaro..
  4. I think you and Sharpy are the only ones I know who aren't keen on The Swiss Superman.

    I absolutely love the guy. Terrific worker and easily one of the best male wrestlers on the WWE roster.
  5. But he's boooooooring
  6. Doesn't bore me. :cesaro:
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    Hell yeah!
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  8. Says the Kane mark...:pity1:
  9. Watch they will book another Brock Lesnar vs Big Show match because you know EVERYONE wants to see that.
  10. Yes! Can't wait!
  11. I think it'd be awesome if from now on, each of Lesnar's house show matches were presented as "Open Challenges", like Cena's Open Challenges for the United States Championship. Whenever Brock is advertised as being at an upcoming house show, just have Heyman show up (at least the first time around doing this in order to establish the idea) on Raw to issue an open challenge to anyone on the roster who has the balls and wants to prove themselves by stepping up to The Beast at whatever upcoming live event Lesnar is booked for, and you never know who the opponent will be until that night.

    It's not like promoting something like Brock vs The Miz, Brock vs any of the members of The New Day, Brock vs Stardust, etc. is gonna somehow increase ticket sales or something anyway. Brock's mere presence on the show like this is what sells, especially since at least 99.9% of his opponents at live events (well, probably all of them to be honest, but I'll leave room for the one rare exception that could happen) are gonna be squash matches anyhow.
  12. Didn't want to create a whole new thread for this, so I'll put it here.

    Good for Brock! He deserves all that money. Keep conquering Vince's bank account, brother!
  13. :ko:vs:brockderp: needs to happen in 2016
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  14. And :cesaro: vs :21-1:, too!
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