Brock Lesner VS Russev - WIll it Ever Happen? Yes? No?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Just curious as how the members of this illustrious group would feel about a showdown between Brock Lesner & Russev? Will it ever happen? Would it ever happen? Your thoughts: Yes? No?
  2. I doubt it. Lesnar's a heel right now (or so he is meant to be) and has such limited dates (unless his contract has suddenly changed with the new renewal) that he can only afford to fight WWE's top faces.... and Roman Reigns.

    IMO, Rusev won't turn face anytime soon and Lesnar probably won't be a face to fight him. But it would be a good fight, I'm sure of it.
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  3. Well since brock is sticking around till 2020 for sure. I'm sure he could land a crash course with rusev. As long as lesnar becomes face at some point, this could easily happen.
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  4. Will it happen?:nope:
  5. to get REAL specific and answer the question to its entirety, I feel that yes it will happen. Especially if Bray beats Taker. It would make sense. Brock is already over with the fans and will get cheered face or hell, although he's better as heel.
  6. Let me peer into my crystal ball...


    ...It's telling me no, we will not see it.

    Give me Lesnar vs Orton, Lesnar vs Bryan, Lesnar vs Ambrose, hell even Lesnar vs Sheamus, before giving me Lesnar vs Rusev. (To be honest, if Lesnar does a full-fledged face turn anytime soon - which I would hate to see happen - I could see him and Rusev down the line, but make it about two brute forces trying to destroy each other, none of this outdated Patriotic crap. That wouldn't fit with Brock's character at all.)
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  7. At this point, Brock is beyond the point of booing. If he showed up and laid a beating on Bryan, the crowd would prolly still cheer him.

    The reason this (most likely) won't happen is because Rusev will become Mr. Irrelevant after his match against Cena this Sunday.
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  8. 'Full fledged' would be the operative choice of words. I'm seeing little alignment with Lesnar these days as it pertains to the face/heel dichotomy.
    As with Austin, hurting people is his nature. People are beginning to accept that Brock is a bully and doesn't understand the concept of being harmonious.
    This merely supports your argument of Lesnar being not exactly being patriotic (which isn't to say he is unpatriotic), he isn't going out of his way to support any humane cause.
    Renegades have a place in wrestling no matter how much WWE sweeps it under the rug.

    If Brock assaulted Heyman I'm almost certain he would be booed. Crushing a defenseless man who is, more or less, your father figure would be un-reprehensible in some people's eyes.
    It depends on how the segment is booked and how long the assault might last.
    I'd also take into consideration, the individual. Even pretending to assault Edge or Santino could be in poor taste.

    For the most part, Lesnar isn't 'seen' as a heel but more of a renegade or bully who can be a f*cking d*ck sometimes.
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  9. I wouldn't bet on it. Really think they're just going to go with both being heels, thus probably no big program would happen, especially with Brock being part time.
  10. Fuck Rusev. He needs to go away.
  11. No.
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  12. I like your style of writing.LOL. But humorously, I think that Lesnar could knock Russev into the next Country. Hmm. how about Bray Wayatt VS Russev? Or one even better..the entire WE roster VS either Russev or Lesnar? Yehhhhhh. That's the ticket! I'm **still** waiting for my steel cage machette match.
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  13. Please sto
    Congratulations on being the 1000th person to spell Rusev wrong! You've won...
    Down Syndrome!
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  14. Meh, doubt it.. personally not something I'd be interested in either.
  15. Neither has anything to gain, yet everything to lose. If bork faces Rusev, it wouldn't be for the belt.

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    Well Rusev got defeated at WM so I doubt he is that feared anymore and WWE will most likely drop him from TV, That's what they did with Bo Dallas. So I doubt he will have the credibility to face Brock Lesnar.
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