Brock punching Cena for real WOW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Brock punching Cena for real after that take down was just WOW he must of been in a UFC moment there as he just legit hit Cena in the face and you could see Cena's head go out for a second. Brock is a beast. This thing is gonna be epic
  2. Not really the way to do 'wrestling'. But still, Cena took it like a man.
  3. The bleeding made the opener amazing. Cena smiled it off, so guess it was alright to be honest.
  4. Yeah indeed. But it was real, you could see that Cena's lip was busted when he did the segment with Johnny.
  5. good thing he didnt break any of his teeth and ruin that face.
  6. Just accidentally took it too far, made the segment better so hats off to him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. This is a lesson to everyone to not mess with Brock. Bring on Extreme Rules I wanna see more of Brock kicking ass
  8. Hopefully Brock doesn't start taking liberties, the odd stiff shot like tonight is fine. Just got to hope he stays professional.
  9. It obviously wasn't on purpose. He is just rusty when it comes to pulling punches. You can tell he knew he fucked up because the 3-4 punches he threw after were like 3 feet behind his head and then he threw a few weak body shots
  10. Cena took it pretty well though, you can tell he was in pain during Brock's onslaught. Quality segment.
  11. I'd sacrifice my first born to see Brock vs Cena in a legitimate MMA fight.

  12. It would be great to see Brock beatdown Cena.
  14. I'm a nice guy so I wouldn't like to see Cena get mauled.
  15. I WOULD! Really fighter show the kids that Cena is not that good as WWE make him out being!

  16. COOL BRO.
  17. Brock also did some real punches to Cena's ribs. Wow Brock really went to town on Cena. Extreme Rules is gonna be awesome with these two
  18. Naa, if you look good, the punches were given with an open fist, so that will not really hurt.
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't want to see Cena-Brock in an MMA octagon (I guess they actually fight in octagons, I don't really know). But, then, I like my violence scripted. That's why I watch pro wrestling, not amateur wrestling.

  20. There is no rumour or fact that they will do a MMA rules match..

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