Brock/Rock potentially planned for WM 29.

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  2. Since it wouldn't be for the WWE Title, I'd be all for this. Having a huge Hollywood star face off against UFC's biggest draw ever would make for some wonderful publicity for Wrestlemania.

    I guess in that case, Cena and Punk would probably have their big blowoff match where Cena actually beats Punk for the belt, while Ryback destroys Big Show for the WHC?
  3. I highly doubt Big Show is champion going into WM for some reason. If he is then him facing Ryback is a decent call, but Dolph has to be on the verge of cashing in at the moment.

    I don't think it's going to be Rock vs Brock to be honest, I think it'll be this:

    Cena vs Rock - II
    HHH vs Brock - II
    Ryback vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship
  4. Ugh, this is the epitome of misusing part timers. This is the problem with their biggest stars being partially active. One of these WMs should be about guys like Taker, Rock, Brock and possibly HHH if he wants to passing the torch.
  5. NO! Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Champion 2, Brock vs. Undertaker for the Streak! OR WE ROIT!
  6. Fixed that. Fuck Ryback.:idontcare:
  7. I really don't want to see Cena/Rock again, or HHH/Brock.
    I'll be skipping Mania if that's what it comes down to.
  8. Rey vs Sin cara
    HHH vs Ryback
    Miz vs Orton
    Undertaker vs Brock
    The Rock vs Cm Punk vs Cena
    Seth vs Reigns vs Ambrose.
    D-Bry vs Kane
  9. I said the same last year when HHH/Taker 2 was announced, but it ended up being the best match on the card by a mile.
  10. Punk vs Taker is an awesome idea! Streak vs streak.
  11. And then what? Taker as the WWE Champ ?
  12. I'd like to see Rock/Brock II, it screams awesomeness if they're both healthy.
  13. It would be awesome, but would make 0 sense. Still, make it happen WWE.
  14. True, but I honestly don't expect the same from Cena/Rock 2, as their match last WM was a good match but not a great one....

    What was supposed to be the greatest match of all time last WM, didn't even make it to my Top 3 matches of the year list, that's why I don't expect anything more from it....

    And the same goes for HHH/Brock 2......
  15. I don't care for this idea for two reasons. I) I don't like the idea of two part-timers facing each other. I'd much rather at least one of them being used to help somebody get over at Mania. Besides, I think business-wise you'd end up getting more buys if you have Brock & Rock not fight each other. I think more people would be a PPV if they have two matches that interests them as opposed to just the one match. II) I've already seen Brock/Rock. I do love that match, as a matter of fact it's probably my favorite Rock match. However, I don't see them topping that one and tying right back into reason I, even if they could, I'd still rather see new match ups for the guys who don't have many matches left.
  16. Agreed, except I'd replace Triple H with Undertaker.
  18. The Summerslam 2002 rematch that I always wanted to see. Make this happen cause this would be pretty cool to see. 2 dudes that has not faced each other in over a decade in a half from next March.