News Brock signs new WWE contract

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  2. Hmm.. Then I definitely see him walking out of WM31 with the title.
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  3. :yes: Fantastic news!
  4. Great news... Assuming it's still a 'special attraction' thing, but anyways... This'll make the ME way less predictable.
  5. Brock is probably going to cashed in on.
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  6. Oh boy, I'm not so sure Reigns will win now.
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  7. Which makes things way interesting now.

    3 guys can walk out the champion, but who will it be? Oh dayumn, WM's just got so much more interesting.

    Thanks for re-signing, Brock!
  8. Oh, I'd love that.
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  9. I think Heyman will turn on Brock. :hmm:
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  10. Perhaps, it's something I've been thinking about myself. Heyman doing the unthinkable, turning on Brock while they're celebrating and siding with Rollins would be interesting as hell.
  11. But then Brock would have to talk... :why:
    We all know what happens when he gets on the mic, baybay!
  12. Here's the interview itself.

    Fucking Coach doing the interview
  13. Lesnar would retain at Mania, Heyman would turn on him on RAW the next night and go with Rollins who cashes in. Gets Lesnar off TV for a few month and he'll probably come back around SummerSlam, as always :dawg:
  14. [​IMG]

    I'm all up for the return of Mariachi Lesnar.
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    It creates a little more uncertainty as far as the main event is concerned, but I'm still positive Reigns is walking out as champion.

    Just to play devil's advocate, what if Brock is actually lying on the behest of WWE in order to make the result of Sunday's match more unpredictable? It's not likely but it's a possibility that crossed my mind when I read this.

    I'm joyful of the news that Brock is staying regardless of what happens.
  16. What better place to 'slay the dragon' then at Wrestlemania?
    Suppose Reigns loses? Will that mean he has to wait until Summerslam to take his place on the mantle?
    Will he go the way of Ryback? Will his ship have sailed by that point?

    Objectively speaking, WWE really should go according to plan. Reigns is your long term investment and Lesnar will just have to eat the clean pin this time.
    What is indisputable is that we now know Lesnar will receive a rematch provided Heyman doesn't turn on Lesnar by somehow injuring him through the course of the match.
    If Lesnar wins it only confirms that WWE has the same doubts about Roman Reigns as we all do deep down.

    Booking this match suddenly becomes more difficult. Keeping Lesnar heel is a challenge.
    How can Lesnar possibly lose this match, demand his rematch only to lose again?
    Lesnar could regain the title at Extreme Rules, then retain at Payback in unconvincing fashion. This way, Reigns wins the big one but must start from the bottom and work his way back up.
  17. Woohoo! This is great news, or at least I think so. It makes my lady happy, so that's always a good start! It will definitely make things interesting.
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  18. At the very least, the WM main event has a clear cut face and clear cut heel now. Good. :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Now I'm honestly hoping he gets to feud with Randy Orton. Like, I've wanted to see that match since he came back.
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