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  1. Can someone clear up for me are they setting up Brock v Ambrose for WM?

    It seems to me that's what they are doing but I don't know if I'm reading it right, I always seem to get it wrong, the verbals from Ambrose looks like they are setting up a fued and I guess you guys know if that's what will happen

    Thanks in advance
  2. They aren't setting up Ambrose vs Lesnar for WM 32. Lesnar will be facing Bray Wyatt at Mania.

    The safest bet for Fastlane main event right now is: Reigns wins after hitting a Spear on Ambrose. While Lesnar's taken out by The Wyatts.

    One thing is for certain, though... Brock doesn't come out victorious at Fastlane. It's gonna be either Ambrose or Reigns, the latter is more likely.

    We may also see a heel turn by Ambrose or Reigns, but I imagine Vince wants Reigns to go over clean. And turning Ambrose will probably backfire, as it'd get him even more cheered over Roman.
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  3. Wishful thinking then Finn thanks for your response

    I think the end of WM will get booed
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  4. Yes, most likely. The crowd will turn Reigns heel. He would've gotten booed last year, too, if he defeated Lesnar, but when Rollins cashed in on him, the people were sent home happy.

    They're not going to be happy when Reigns defeats HHH for the title. Reigns regaining the belt is fine by me, but if he does get booed, then the heel trigger should be pulled the next night on RAW.
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  6. He wont turn heel if they want him to be the next cena

    Also if he does turn the last 3 months will look stupid of RR battling the authority to then join them
  7. The Ambrose and Brock segment was utter gold and made raw like 10 times better for me. A feud between them would be awesome. Like a last man standing or an I Quit match.

    Ambrose vs Brock won't happen at mania though. They're leading towards Brock basically destroying all the wyatts.

    Roman will fight triple h and win in the main event, even though I truly feel that Ambrose should be in this spot as of now, although there's no fucking way that'll happen. Roman can win the championship and do well... But in the main event of the "biggest mania ever".... Not a good idea. Let like rock and taker close the show.
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  8. But he also won't be as over as they want him to be. He won't be as over as Ambrose any time soon, not to mention how over Rollins will be when he returns. Turning Roman heel would make him more over gradually.

    One of Roman's gripes are with the fans. Despite being the hand-picked guy by the chairman of the board and doing everything to entertain 'em, some still shit on him. So, yeah, he has every right to be like "Well, fuck you, guys! You want me to act as this hand-picked guy? Wish granted. Guess what time it is? It's Roman Reigns time!"
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  9. Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose has all of the potential to be feud of the year. Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar seems to be happening at Wrestlemania but maybe they might make it a triple threat match? Perhaps give Lesnar his first ever Intercontinental Title run??
  10. They need to cut their losses with that one - much as I enjoy watching him he's a disaster on the mic and can't be trusted in interviews, they'll never get the PR mileage out of him that they have done from Cena.

    If they could get over this idea that if they keep smacking fans round the face with something they'll eventually 'win' they could really be on to something. Reigns as a heel - reluctantly giving in to the Authority and working with them to royally screw over Ambrose, Rollins etc. would work.
  11. Lesnar ain't feuding over upper-midcard title, not to mention he is waaaay above the IC title.
  12. True. But if he did it would give the title a lot of credibility. And it's safer to have the IC belt written off TV instead of the WHC
  13. Why would you assume the WWE-WHC would be written off TV? The title ain't going nowhere, m8. Reigns wins at Mania.
  14. Oh I know I'm just saying if they were to give Lesnar another title run it would be easier to get away with him having the IC belt since the roster is so thin that they need WHC matches every month for the PPVs or else theyll just feel like a really decent episode of Raw.
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