Brock v Wyatt Good or Bad at WM

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Thunderlips, Jan 31, 2016.

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  1. I have to say this match doesnt sound appealing for a beast like Leanar

    His box office appeal should have him in a dare not miss match at WM but this just doesnt get me exited

    In reality Wyatt gets thown around like a rag doll, he has nothing to offer in a way to beat Brock

    If he beat Brock thats ridiculous, Brock has been built up as the conquer and losing to a PPV jobber like Wyatt is mental

    I want to be exited to see an attraction like Brock but this feud doesnt do it for me

    Its a waste of Brocks pulling power

    Having the Wyatt family beat him down is old, how many times do they gang up on somebody but ultimately lose the end game

    I hope im proved wrong
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  2. I think it's a waste of a WrestlemAnia match. Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, and The Undertaker beat Bray Wyatt. So obviously Brock will destroy Bray.

    The only thing good about it is that Bray gets a huge rub by being in a match with the biggest WWE Superstar at the biggest event all year.

    In my opinion they should have done this triple threat that they booked at Fastlane at Wrestlemania instead. Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns is pretty much as big as it gets. They should of had Roman vs Triple H for the title at Fastlane, as well as Bray vs Brock, and Ambrose could of dropped the IC belt to Styles, Owens, Y2J or whoever
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  3. If the only reason is Wyatt gets big just because that match then thats not utilising Brock properly

    Also it makes no sense for Ambrose to be in the title picture, why put the IC title on him if hes going to be in the HW picture?

    He should be fueding with Owens and let Brock take the title from HHH

    Reigns can fight Jack Swagger on the preshow
  4. Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt will be good! I'm sorry, but if you think otherwise, you're wrong. The same thing was said about Reigns/Lesnar last year and that match delivered.

    Two badasses in Bork and Bray trying to beat the living shit out of each other sounds appealing enough to me.

    I, for one, am looking forward to it!
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  5. How can Bray evern move Brock though?
    It just looks a mismatch
    It takes a huge guy to even push him to breaking a sweat
    Bray just looks too small for it to sell imo
  6. This is a no-win situation for Bray, but at least they'll book it in the way where Lesnar receives some punishment, but ultimately comes out victorious and Bray doesn't look like a bitch.

    This'll be Wyatt's third high-profile WM match in a row, and yeah, he'll lose. But, that's the whole purpose of heels, they put over babyfaces.

    Ambrose, along with Lesnar, is the most over guy on the roster and having him in the WWE title picture will do him no harm. He'll always stay over no matter how many times he fails at winning.

    Ambrose eats the pin at Fastlane, Reigns hits him with a Spear (although the crowd will prolly hate that, since the event's being held in Ambrose's homestate of Ohio), while Brock will be taken out by The Wyatts. Now, they COULD decide to do a swerve and have Ambrose win, by let's say losing the IC title earlier on the show to someone like Jericho. There are a lot of ways to go.

    But, right now, Reigns pinning Ambrose and earning the #1 spot to challenge for HHH's title seems to be the safest bet.
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  7. I think they'll have a good match. Bray Wyatt is definitely in the top 3 heels right now. But I just feel like Lesnar vs Reigns vs Ambrose is a way better sounding title match then Reigns vs HHH and Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania.
  8. I'm not feeling this match, I really wanted Lesnar vs. Owens at mania, I guess this'll be fine but i'm not expected anything great
  9. Bray and Brock are the same size, dude.

    Both are 6 ft 3 and 286 lbs.

    Their match will be hard-hitting and will definitely deliver. Just wait and see.
  10. Expect that match at WM 33.
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  11. As predictable as those matches are, I have nothing against 'em. The only bad thing that could come out of it is Reigns being booed after he dethrones Hunter.

    But, it is what it is now. The card could've been better, but you can thank the injuries for that.
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  12. Soooooo not hyped for it, but it'll overdeliver bad expectations for sure. Wyatt can go.
    The one thing I didn't like during the whole Rumble show was that thing with Lesnar. Brock's so spectacularly overpowered that I was calling bullshit on the Wyatts attacking him 4-on-1. Four big trees attacking this one dude and I'm like 'nah". Shit if Cena can take out the entire Wyatts by himself like 10 times, then Lesnar should have one big roar and thrown the three not-Bray guys out.... "Oh but they have Brown Snowman now" Don't care. Brock Lesnar. Bitch.

    And from that you can pretty much tell my hype for Wyatt vs Lesnar 1-on-1. MAYBE the thought is to have Wyatt win clean? If so, wouldn't it be the second biggest upset in WWE history? There's your new top heel for life. That sounds good, lets do that.

    Anyway we're getting Zayn vs Owens. We should be happy about WM on that alone. Shoot it might be the best WM EVER in terms of pure ringwork... might...
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  13. Wyatts puts on a helluva fight, but Lesnar wins, of course. There is just no way in hell Lesnar doesn't win.

    If Sami doesn't appear on RAW this week, then him eliminating KO at the Rumble was indeed a big blow-off to their feud. Pretty underwhelming if that turns out to be the case.
  14. I don't think it will be Zayn vs Owens. I believe they'll book Owens vs Styles instead. Seems like they are taking Sami back down to NXT for awhile
  15. ^Lesnar is 99.9999999999% winning that match, no joke.

    This sounds crazy but I'd like to see Lesnar vs Sheamus if only it was possible. The episode of "Wyatt talks shit and can't back it up" part 493,129 is so lame. "Buy Wrestlemania, watch Sheamus get thrown around like a ragdoll!" But what's done is done, you can't waste the Rumble elimination now.

    Won't complain about Owens vs Styles either! They need one guy to be a Network draw down there
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  16. Besides Lesnar vs Sheamus, I'd also want to see Lesnar vs Orton.
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  17. Oh, and if Sting wasn't injured, he probably would've lost to Wyatt at this year's Mania and retired afterwards.
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  18. Lesnar vs Orton would be great for Ortons return. Have him come back as a full blown psychotic heel and cost Lesnar a big title match or something
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  19. Good reply thanks for that
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  20. I wouldnt like Owens v Lesnar, in fact there isnt anyone on the roster good enough except Cena and HHH and Undertajer so im struggling lol
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