Brock vs Ambrose... That Was Seriously It?

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  1. Just to clarify, I thought Mania was a pretty good show overall (albeit some weird booking decisions), but I can't begin to explain how underwhelming that street fight between Brock and Ambrose was. It was technically a good match, but only averagely good. Nothing special at all. By Wrestlemania standards, it was a huge disappointment. No real huge spots (unless you consider Brock doing a belly-to-belly off the ropes a "huge spot"... I don't), no never-say-die booking for Ambrose where he takes a shitload of punishment and keeps kicking out and kicking out before Brock finally hammers him with enough to stay down, no real moment where it believably looked like Dean might be on the verge of conquering The Beast, etc. And then right when he pulls out an interesting weapon to use on Brock - the barbed wire bat - he eats one simple F-5 and loses. They saved all the "What will he do and how far will he go to win" huge spots for the Taker/Shane match instead, unfortunately.

    The real annoying thing about the ending was that if you thought of matches like three-act structures where you had a Beginning, Middle, and End, it really seemed like we were just entering the Middle portion of the match when Dean pulled out the barbed-wire bat, but then he gets caught with an F-5 and it's over. This match will go down as yet another huge missed opportunity on WWE's part.
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  2. Agreed it was very underwhelming to say the least. Thought both guys, especially Brock could have bladed to add more of a dramatic effect. Also they didn't even get to use barbie. Brock swinging around a barbed wire baseball bat is something that everyone wants to see. Also I thought it would of been cool if they took the fight down the long ramp way onto the big ass stage for a bit.
  3. Yeah most people have been saying the same thing in the rate WM thread, the match was a huge bore.
  4. Dean shouldn't be the guy to make Brock seem vincible
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  5. That was the one match on the card I was really looking forward to and then it ended being a huge disappointment.
  6. Yeah it was pretty average but I still enjoyed it.
  7. The match was good as far as being a wrestling match but it being a street fight at wrestlemania... that is what killed it. They should have just made it a no DQ match and it would have been fine. Street match back in the day meant going out of the ring, in the locker rooms, on the STREETS. That is what was disappointing.
  8. Them doing anything in the street wouldn't have made it any better, Punk vs Jericho was a street fight and was good because it told a story, this match was just Brock being repetitive, Ambrose doing fuck all and zero high impact spots. Ambrose licks a bat and couldn't start a chainsaw, what was the point of the legends passing the torch?
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  9. I wonder where Lesnar goes from here. They put this guy over so incredibly strong in 2014 to put Reigns over but you know the rest of that story. Now it's 2016, The Beast Incarnate is still invincible, but who are they going to put over him?
  10. Probably Triple H, maybe The Rock.

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    I wish I was joking, the only other option is Roman. All of them scream fuck it why not at this stage
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  13. @Shadow must love him in his shades
  14. They don't seem to know what the hell they are doing with anyone anymore. Sit back and enjoy the ride of Lesnar.
  15. Somewhere in there lies the Asian version of the :dafuq: smiley.
  16. He's the "Lunatic Fringe" and he can use pretty any weapon he wants to, of course he should of. He already made Brock seem vincible once when he blasted him with a steel chair so many times the month before at Fast Lane that Lesnar couldn't make it back in the ring to break up the pinfall in time. Reigns, Taker, and the Wyatt Family have all made Brock seem "mortal" before already as well.

    I assume they'll revisit Brock vs Bray Wyatt later on down the road in the Summer. I doubt the Wyatts attacking the LON was intended to be a face turn per se (although I didn't watch Smackdown, so I don't know how they followed up on it), so Heyman could address the issue Brock still has with the Wyatt Family when he returns seeing as how he would be WWE Champion right now if it wasn't for them (in Heyman's mind, of course.)

    I'm sure Reigns is still the one favored to conquer The Beast when the time is right, but I don't ever see the time being right with that one. In the end, Brock's first loss post-Streak will probably disappointingly be at the hands of a part-timer or established star that doesn't need it and won't benefit from it. That's how these sort of things nearly always pan out, unfortunately. The Rock ended Punk's 434 day title reign, Cena ended Rusev and Bray's undefeated streaks, Lesnar ended The Undertaker's WM streak, Del Rio was the first to successfully answer John Cena's Open Challenge cleanly, etc.
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  17. I thought the exact same thing when I was watching the Brock vs Ambrose match. Fine, they want to be PG-13? But at least use a fucking weapon other than chairs and kendo sticks!

    I was looking forward to Ambrose using the barbed wired bat, or a weapon they'd use to make Brock bleed. That would've made the match a little bit more exciting. Or use the hell in the cell structure, or something. The whole point of a Street Fight is to make the match more exciting! Geez, the concept isn't that hard to understand. WWE seems oblivious to the concept, or the ideals of the match.

    Meh, who am I kidding, this is WWE. Nothing surprises me.
  18. As most of you, I too was heavily dissapointed by how this match went down and as I noted the next day while rating the PPV overall, this was a street fight in which most of the action took place...inside the ring.

    Apparently there are several reports out there that Dean Ambrose asked and insisted this match at Mania to get brutal and all but had his "request" turned down cause, I don't know, PG. If that is indeed the case, that's messed up as far as WWE is concerned since that excactly was what we were all expecting: a brutal match, some blood and them going at it all over the stadium with an extended use of any given weapons or other "toys" available. I mean, wasn't this what we were led to believe and expect to begin with during the buildup?
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  19. Completely agree. Massively underwhelming.

    He teased a god damn chainsaw for crying out loud. :ambrose2:
  20. That match was a fail, I could not believe it went down like that, it's like Vince wanted that to happen to bury Dean Ambrose.