Spoiler Brock Vs. Big Show

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  1. Now that match should had never taken place and/or also the ref should had reverse the call and gave The Big Show the win.
  2. It could have been anyone. I'm really glad that Lesnar squashed the shit out of him.
  3. Big Show saying ''shit'' like ten times was the highlight for me after the F5.
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  4. I was disappointed we didn't get an actual match. But whatever, that F-5 looked just awesome. Plus the fact that Lesnar was still conscious after taking the WMD.
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  5. I am now watching the rumble and just finished it and disappointed the way they took out CM Punk. He should had never been eliminated. This is what I am disliking WWE sometimes they do the right thing and most times they don't for a few examples when both guys are out of the ring they have a count of 10 to get back in and once one of them do the count starts over for the other person that is still out of the ring, 2nd when it comes to the match like Brock and Shows it should had been made into a no disqualification and with matches like the rumble where they had CM Punk eliminated by Kane or anyone that was no longer part of the match should allow him to come back then have him eliminated the right way. This had been bothering me for years but never asked anyone/fans have they noticed this and how you all feel about this.
  6. IMO, eliminations from someone no longer involved in the match (or from a person who was never part of the match to begin with) shouldn't count. It's not a case of it being 'unfair', just a lazy way of having someone eliminated from a booker's perspective. I would have liked it better if Punk had roundhouse kicked Kane right off the apron and then someone else came up behind Punk and clotheslined him over. I know it wouldn't have made much of a difference since the end result (Punk being eliminated) is still the same, but still.

    Like nearly all the rules in WWE though, the rules for the Royal Rumble match are pretty arbitrary and not definite by any means. Some years, it doesn't count to be eliminated by someone not in the match and some years it doesn't count to eliminate yourself, but then on some years it doesn't matter either way just as long as you end up going over the top rope.
  7. To be fair it was a pretty nifty way to work around the fact that Big Show has a broken hand or something.
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