Brock vs Cena is cool but

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. If Daniel didn't get hurt, the authority vs DB feud would have climaxed at S.S. The authority would have done everything they could to take the title from Bryan, but Bryan prevails. At that point, they are forced to call in Lesnar, who would destroy Bryan. Eventually DB would have won it back before WM season. Get well DB, because Cena vs Brock isn't doing it for me. :-(

    Are you happy with Cena vs Brock


    Would you have preferred Db vs Brock?

    Inb4 vanillia midget
    inb4 db sucks
    inb4 who cares
    inb4 lol cena wins
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  2. much happier with Cena vs Lesnar compared to anything involving Dick Butt.
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  3. Bryan vs Lesnar is the match I'm most looking forward to in WWE. It can still happen later this year depending on Bryan's recovery (Survivor Series/Royal Rumble). Not going to complain about Lesnar taking the title off Cena though.
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  4. Yeah, to be honest, it would have been nice to see the Bryan vs The Authority feud come full circle... with him defending the championship multiple times while retaining it rather than being screwed out of it over and over again. But the good news for you, Danny, is that, even while he is injured, they are keeping the feud alive through his wife. Brie vs Steph is what branched off of the existing feud because of Bryan's injury. So when Bryan does recover and comes back the feud will still be fresh... it shows they are looking out for and anticipating Bryan's return.. a very smart move on the part of the WWE.

    But... for what it is... Cena vs Brock will be very entertaining as long as Super Cena does not prevail. If he does then Brock's breaking of the streak meant jackshit and that would just be a fucked up decision.
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  5. That is very true, the Feud lives vicariously through the smaller titted bella twin :-( GET BETTER DB!
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  6. I would have been more stoked to see Brock vs Bryan for sure, but that's mainly because it would have been the ideal way to bring Bryan's championship run to an end. Bryan overcoming every obstacle put in front of him until Brock Lesnar steps in, takes the championship from him at Summerslam and then retains it against him in the subsequent rematch at Night Of Champions, would have been perfect booking. Bryan finally runs into the one thing that he can't overcome and subdue. And I would very much disagree with him regaining the title later in the year. Wrestlemania 31 is being set up as Reigns' year, I fail to see how Bryan would fit into all of that. Plus, the good guys don't always win. There's a good number of feuds where the heel prevails and gets the last word in the end.

    That said, Brock vs Cena is the next best thing, and will definitely have that "Big Match" feel to it. I'm still stoked to see it.
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  7. I do think it would've been better, yes. Although DB's mic work wasn't marvelous his promos are better than Cena burying his opponents and trying to be funny. Plus Bryan would actually look like an underdog.
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  8. I am kind of happy without how everything turned out. I am looking forward to Cena and Brock but then again the feud with DB is still there and read whenever he recovers.
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  9. Cena vs Lesnar, won't be too bad hopefully, but essentially it's just a hype match to get buys is what I see it as and it might be refreshing to have Lesnar as champ. Danny also don't be too upset about DB because if he gets better in time we might have him vs Lesnar at mania, who knows....inb4 Rock
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  10. It's just astounding. Brock beats the fucking Undertaker at Wrestlemania and feels like the underdog in the next match. :dawg:

    I'll mess up your question and say that the individual matches are just as good as one another. With Bryan you have this heartfelt journey we went on with him really since 2010 that culminated at Wrestlemania and gave all of us fans the satisfaction we've been looking for before stalling in the background, then "Plan C" kicks in and Btyan has the biggest obstacle to overcome so far. You know the match - at worst - is gonna be as good as the Punk one and make Bryan an even bigger star even in defeat.

    With Cena, you also know the match will be very good. We've seen it, even though it's going to be a different match than the first one. Now we have the added story of that bullshit that happened in 2012 and the fear that always comes with a Cena match, especially now that the title's on the line and "there's no way they put it on someone who works so few dates", and we're gonna be cheering our asses off for the Conqueror to seal the deal.

    But there's 2 other things to consider:
    -If it's Bryan vs Brock, then Bryan doesn't have a career threatening neck injury. Yay!
    -Having a healthy Bryan would send a ripple effect down the rest of the card. Bryan as champ would free up John Cena to work with someone else, and with the way they've teased it there is a WHOLE lot of money in Cena vs Roman Reigns. Hate on Reigns all you want but there's a lot of intrigue there, much more so than some lame ass Reigns/Orton match.

    So the final answer has to be Bryan.
  11. The matches would both be good, sure, that's why I pointed out that I'd rather see Bryan as the underdog instead of Cena wins lol, ya know.
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  12. I have mixed feelings about Brock Lesnar. I'm not happy he broke the streak but if he's going to take down Cena then I'll cheer for him all day.
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  13. Lesnar vs Bryan would do what it said on the tin, provide wrestling

    You go to the zoo you want to see the animals, you go to see the wrestling you want to see wrestlers

    If I wanted to see a man talking, I would use the blower to talk to another lad. Not watch Johhny C. I wanted to see a clown I would go the circus, not watch Cena wrestle
  14. I'm not really excited for Lesnar vs ANYBODY
  15. we know
  16. Just making sure.

    How you doin? :ksi:
  17. how can you not enjoy this shit?

  18. Lesnar vs Cena 1 was only good because of Lesnar

    Johnny C was useless as evet
  19. Well for one I never saw that so of course I haven't enjoyed it. This was during my "dry period" away from WWE. I'll watch it though. I've just never been a fan of Brock since he debuted I guess.
  20. I'm sure you've posted about it but what don't you like about him? Character aside since there isn't much there, as an in ring performer what is not to like?
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