WrestleMania Brock vs Rock

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  1. I could see them starting an angle for Brock vs Rock at Wrestlemania this year and have them hype up the match for a whole year for Wm33. Basically what they did with Cena vs Rock.
  2. Wasn't this going to happen but The Rock got hurt? :emoji_slight_frown:

    I'd be okay with this as long as The Rock goes old school and brings back his 800$ shirts and shades. Not a fan of modern Rock :pity1:
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  3. Brock vs Rock vs Stone Cold.. STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!

    But yeah, would be sweet. We want old Rock though like deth said.
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  4. I'd like to see The Rock vs Lesnar one more time, but it ain't happening.
  5. Moreso whatever show/movie he's doing didn't want him to wrestle. Took a lot to even let him be apart of it at all.
  6. His acting gets in the way of anything wrestling. I heard he was barely allowed to be at last year's Mania.
  7. The Rock is not a wrestler anymore.. He's there to make special appearances

    He competed a couple year's ago as a favor to WWE to try and boost John Cena to The Rock's level, whether it worked or not that's why he competed again.

    He got hurt in that feud as well, that should tell him wrestling is not a smart move for him. Focus on his acting career, that's what he needs to do.
  8. He would wrestle again if Vince slapped enough money on the table.
  9. LOL, like Rocky doesn't have enough money already.
  10. Still, everyone loves mo money. Rock could easily get Vince to fork over a few million for 1 night.
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  11. I wanted this to happen this year... But it won't. And doubt it'll happen next year. If The Rock got injured by facing cena, Brock might break his neck. Then again, he planned on fighting Brock at mania 30... So it possible he may have one last match and everyone knows it's for sure his last battle.

    I wouldn't mind his last match being against Brock.
  12. No thanks, tired of this part time feud bullshit. Rock should come back and put someone over, and Lesnar is a beast and can do whatever the fuck he wants. Rock should job to Roman and have him screw him over for a sick heel turn that would make an already loud crowd go wild, and Lesnar should do the job for Bray.
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  13. Lmao if Wyatt actually wins this match it'll be epic!

    We have enough part timers in the ME scene, they get 4 of the top 6 spots every year. Maybe if Shane and Taker gone someone can be built up to that spot, but good luck getting people to buy current star vs current star as a WM triple main event attraction lol
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  14. You say that like money is the thing that's keeping him from wrestling or something lol. He's a bonafide A-list Hollywood star and one of their biggest stars of all time, he's already getting paid a bazillion. The reason he isn't wrestling is because of his schedule and the fact that the movie studios don't want him to wrestle out of fear that he might get injured and cost them money.
  15. Thats because money is the deal breaker. Why do u think he doesn't wrestle? Because he's getting PAID more to make movies. If WWE offered him a 100 million dollar contract, then guess what? He would wrestle again. Im sure Rock loves making movies in Hollywood, just as he loves wrestling in WWE. But guess what he loves the most. Fat ass pay checks and big bank accounts. Just like everyone else.
  16. lol He doesn't wrestle because he accomplished everything there was to accomplish in wrestling and saw the chance to start a new (and more respectful) career in Hollywood. Money was obviously a motivating factor, but I'm sure nowadays he is just more passionate about being an action star in movies than he is about pro wrestling. Not that it matters, WWE would never offer him a 100 million dollar contract and they're never gonna pay him as much as he makes per film either, it would be absolutely stupid on their part because they'd have no way of making it back in profit. And like I said, studios have an influence here as well, being that he's their meal ticket and all.
  17. This is the biggest issue rather than The Rock himself, the insurance premiums if he gets hurt are huge. The only way it could work is if he doesn't sign up for a movie / has done all the required promotional stuff for any current projects he has out.

    http://www.wrestle zone.com/news/641057-big-backstage-update-on-current-wrestlemania-32-plans-for-top-stars-including-john-cena-the-rock-ronda-rousey-seth-rollins-and-more
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