Brock will beat CM Punk

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Brock will beat CM Punk at Summerslam I just know it the way he threw around CM Punk on Raw like a rag doll is proof CM Punk is no match for Brock. My man has this match in the bag
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  3. Whilst the thread is kayfabe driven, it's a good thing to discuss. Does Brock go over one of the hottest faces right now? Maybe dirty, not cleanly. I see Punk winning.
  4. Punk will go over at a future PPV, but Brock is winning the first match up.
  5. I'm a big Punk mark but let Brock destroy him like he did with Cena. I want blood
  6. Brock is winning this, hands down.
  7. Lesnar will win the first match, but they'll go at it at least one more time with Punk somehow pulling out a victory the second go around. Not that I expect Heyman (or Axel) NOT to interfere in the match at some point, but when it comes down to the end of it, I don't see why Brock can't pick up a clean victory. Lesnar is one of the most credible heels ever as far as pulling off clean victories - The Rock, Hulk Hogan (first man out of all those monsters over the years that ever successfully dropped Hogan into unconsciousness with a bear hug), Undertaker (in a HIAC match), Triple H at last year's Summerslam, the way he destroyed Cena last year and even had him pinned at one point had it not been for the referee being knocked out, etc.

    I'd shake my head if they had Brock go over Punk dirty. Punk losing the first match and then coming back for more until he puts Lesnar down plays well into his role in the angle as the underdog.
  8. Fuck you. Fuck Brock. Punk is going to prove himself, he doesn't need the bloody Heyman to be best in the world.
  9. More kayfabe talk :facepalm:
  10. this is how i see it happening
    At summerslam lesnar wins after heyman interferes at background lesnar wins again after the shield intervene as heyman and axel are banned from ringside hen at hiac punk finally wins clean as knowone was able to intervene with the match being hiac
  11. ^ That. It sounds stupid, god bless it never happens.
  12. Its gonna be set out like this Brock will win at Summerslam and then CM Punk will get his win back at the next PPV
  13. Punk will get this one. Believe that playa'.
  14. Lesnar is winning at SS. Is his PPV
  15. Lesnar will beat Punk. It's completely unbelievable that Lesnar will lose to Punk and I can't see it happening at all. If they're going to use Lesnar again, their best bet would be for Lesnar to go over Punk.

  16. BROCK WILL NOT WIN AGAINST CM PUNK! Punk need the win WWE already fuckin up with Rock beating Punk 2 times! That not going Punk lose this time! Punk has already said he do anything to get to Paul or Brock. What I see having is when the Ref knock out Punk will get a weagon and hit with it like Cena did to be Brock. And IF Punk can pick up Brock GTS him and pin him for the win!
  17. If CM Punk beats Lesnar at Summer Slam this will be another useless thread..
  18. WWE really need Brock to beat punk. I don't think Lesnar has won a match since the match where he broke Triple H's arm. It's hard to take him series when he makes a grand return to lose on ppv. The only reason I see him as a threat to Punk right now is because of sheer mass. Like if those two had a straight up fight, in the real, Brock would kill that boy.
  19. Pretty much what most people are saying. Lesnar will beat Punk at this Pay-Per-View, and then Punk will gain the win at the next one.
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