Brock's declaration to become champ

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Cena vs Bork for the title @ Mania 30????

    oh god, you know its best for business

    give Brock the fucking Rumble

    or maybe Brock vs Cena at EC?
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  2. :damn: he fucking destroyed Henry holy fuck
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  3. I'm so interested to see how it all goes, he doesnt need the rumble to be #1 contender, and i could see him facing CM Punk for the #1 contender after the rumble? Either way it should be pretty great seeing this all go down, it just makes me question what they are going to do with Batista/Undertaker/Fella.
  4. Holy shit, Brock Lesnar as the WWE Champion would make me mark so much. Personally, I would like him to get the strap before Wrestlemania and fight the Royal Rumble winner at the grand stage.
  5. marry/fuck/kill
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  6. Excited if so. Their match at ER was fucking sick, even if Cena did win in the most ridiculous way. It was rumoured they didn't know how long they had Brock for when Cena went over him like that, but I'm hella excited about their potential match at Wrestlemania. The quality will be great.
  7. My man Brock destroyed Mark Henry and yes he will be WWE champion
  8. you know he fucks Sable, right?
  9. Damn. I've missed a lot it seems. Time to start watching and catch up , maybe?
  10. Yeah I know that but I can still say he is my man
  11. you looking into implants?
  12. Goddamnit, I shouldn't have deleted this Raw off of my DVR. I completely missed this part of it (as well as Bryan joining the Wyatts.)

    Anyhow, the only way I could see Lesnar being in the WWE Title match at a Wrestlemania is if he's the one walking in as the champion so that he can drop the belt to someone. This is probably a set up for a match with either Batista or Undertaker (who could be entering into the Rumble himself, possibly as a surprise entrant.) After Lesnar just destroyed "The World's Strongest Man" and after he no doubt will dominant the Rumble participants for awhile, Batista coming in and tossing him out would be a great way of setting up a Battle Of The Goliaths type of match between them. If the Undertaker is the man to do it instead, similar deal. Lesnar has his sights on becoming the WWE Champion and if Taker ruins that for him by eliminating him, then he could set his sights on ending the streak instead (as revenge.)

    A distant third choice is Roman Reigns. There's talks of him going babyface before Mania and we all know he'll be the most dominating participant in the match, so is it really that far out of possibility that he is the man to toss Lesnar out, thus setting up a match between them at Mania? Probably, but it's something I'm throwing out there anyways.
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  13. Reigns vs Brock at WM would be incredible. What a push for such a young guy.
  14. I'm all for a Reigns rocket ship push but title contention is too much too soon at this years Mania IMO.

    let him steal the show at the rumble and have some cool spots in the EC before going over Ambrose at Mania in his first big singles win as a full fledged face
  15. Who said anything about title contention? Brock isn't winning the title before Mania this year. The build for it would obviously start with Reigns being the one to toss Lesnar from the Rumble match, which will lead to a grudge match between them at Mania. (Not that this will happen, but it's an idea.)
  16. Why not take Ambrose's US belt on the way to WM? Such a quick rise would be completely out of left field, which is what makes it so attractive to me. Things have been really formulaic and stale for too long. This would really shake things up in the WWE like we haven't seen in a while.

    Which is why we should never be worried about it happening.
  17. Lol silly Klock and his silly talking as if his opinion is fact.

    there is a really good chance BROCK wins the title and caries it into mania. we know at the very least he will challenge for the belt at some point after that promo on Raw
  18. Yeah. It's called the Royal Rumble match. You know, that big battle royal that has 30 superstars in it that takes place in January every year? That's coming up at the next PPV? Feel free to assume that when Heyman said he had his sights on the WWE Title, he meant Brock was gonna win the Rumble and then win the belt on the grand stage. What point is there to rush the belt onto Brock out of left field, especially with Randy Orton (who The Authority has been backing since August) as the guy who just unified the championships with a huge (clean) victory over Cena? Defeating another heel for the title isn't gonna happen and the Rumble title match has already been made.
  19. I thought Heyman and Brock made it clear he doesn't have to win the Rumble, and that he is the #1 contender after the RR?
  20. it's like he didn't watch the promo in question or something
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