Brock's mic skills have come along way

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Just wanted to point out Brock's mic skills have come along way since his first run in WWE. I know when he first debuted Paul Heyman did most of the talking but Brock did get to speak sometimes and I didnt think he was that good but now fast forward to 2012 and Brock returning his mic skills have come along way wow. So he has everything now the wrestling/fighting skills and now mic skills. This guy is gonna be unstoppable

    The contract signing was intense and Brock is totally gonna destroy Cena at exteme rules. I so cant wait!!!!!
  2. Definitely, everyone seems to have noticed. Last night he was more than bearable - more than I can say for his previous run. He was impressive in my opinion. He's obviously not in the same league as Miz, Punk, Jericho, Cena etc, but he's a good speaker now.
  3. He's gone from horrendous to decent, probably because of the UFC press conferences forcing him to speak in front of people and what not. Plus he's playing himself currently imo.
  4. It took him a long time to get his points across, and he sort of repeated himself with a few phrases a couple of times.. he's far from great, but I think the difference is he isn't really playing much of a character at this point in time. They just want him to be Brock Lesnar

  5. Everything is coming into place nicely. Extreme Rules is gonna show Brock back up his words with his fists and hopefully a new move set I so cant wait!!!!
  6. Better than the SD days when they had to keep reshooting his lines due to him fluffing!
  7. You know I watched a smackdown promo in his first run a few days ago and he messed up a couple lines firstly getting some words mixed up and having to re say the whole sentence again then he was confused which city he was in saying it was mexico when it was san diego lol. He has come along way since those days though
  8. He was a little bit repetitive during the contract signing but made his point. They gave him the best gimmick he could ever have, his own. I bet he's pretty good at playing that. I think I've seen only one or two promos of his during his first run, he wasn't good, no. But he's improved a lot.
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