Royal Rumble Brock's scheduled return prior to the Rumble

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  1. Brock Lesnar has been added to the January 11th WWE RAW from New Orleans, likely for a Royal Rumble program. As noted, Lesnar is also advertised for the December 19th live event in Inglewood, CA and the January 8th live event from Houston.

    Well, to me, this is all the more reason to bank on HHH winning the RR. If it was going to be Brock, I think that he would just show up and win it but he is scheduled a few Raws before the Royal Rumble.
  2. wtf

    why am i okay with this

    why do i want triple h want to win the rumble
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  3. Because it's best for business!
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  4. Niko, my cousin! How are you? How's the old country?
  5. Always a pleasure seeing Borkman on my TV.

    Now, he could be returning prior to the Rumble to promote his appearance at the event, even though him appearing unannounced would be awesome and more effective. I mean, just imagine him showing up unexpected, wrecking everyone and winning the Rumble! I'd mark.
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  6. yeah man imagine him coming out going to town on those younglings in the ring, eliminates some ppl and wins

    if he wins at WM and buries Roman Reigns I will shoot myself in the head because I will be met with the feeling that life will never get any better than that moment
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  7. I wish they would stop with putting him on the live events already. You might as well just put him on Raw and have him wrestle a match. THAT will keep the damn ratings up.
  8. Yo, I'm a'ight. How're ya?

    The old country is, I don't know, crappy most of the time.
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  9. Come on, don't be so negative. Why don't you come back to Liberty City, cauuusin? The depot is still flash we've got some titties and incredible motors we need you cauuusin.
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  10. Bork's a big draw, buddy. I mean, who wouldn't wanna go to a live event featuring The Beast?!

    I can't argue with the fact that he needs to WRESTLE on RAW, though!
  11. :ohyeah2:
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  13. I get it but damn, he only works limited dates so I feel like they should all be televised. I think they put him on this live event because Cena isn't gonna be there, and he originally was supposed to be. Thats why he's facing Del Rio too.
  14. All of his limited dates have been televised in the past year. The one at The Forum shall be no exception, I reckon.
  15. They haven't advertised it though so idk. I could see them possibly throwing it up on Youtube maybe. Even though it'll just be a squash and Del Rio will get DQ'd and Brock will destroy the League of Nations. Which I still wanna see lol
  16. Beast in the East was heavily advertised, though!

    My point exactly. Everyone wants to see Lesnar, no matter what!

  17. I think you're reading this the wrong way. While it might be a better moment to have Lesnar appear unannounced, it's also better to have your most over and likely hottest draw advertised for the show.

    Keep in mind that only people who have never subscribed to the network get a free month. People who have cut off their subscriptions might subscribe again for the ppv if they know beforehand Lesnar is going to be in it.

    While the Rumble is always the second most popular event, the last two blew so having Lesnar announced beforehand might bring back some of the people who may have decided to skip this one.
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  18. I didn't think of it that way and yeah, having him come prior to it will increase sales. Good call.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Yeah. Just like it was done with Bryan this year. But, I hope there won't be another Royal Rumble Rebellion, though.
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