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Brodie Lee seemingly debuted in AEW as just another cult leader, but it turns out that he’s actually playing a parody of corporate overlord Vince McMahon.

The parody began with sneezing, then it moved on to yawning, and now this week (Apr. 8) they’ve added public image and formal attire to the list.


— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) April 9, 2020
There are stories of Vince McMahon driving without his suit jacket on so that it maintains its crisp condition, and it turns out that Lee also drives around in a similar manner.

Furthermore, McMahon is well known for demanding his wrestlers look sharp in public. Brodie Lee happens to echo that sentiment, running down his two masked employees who were not wearing a tie in public. Lee said that they look no different from common people due to their lack of formal attire, and their image doesn’t exude any power or wealth when people see them in the airport.

Yep, that’s definitely another shot at Vince McMahon.

Do you approve, Cagesiders?

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