Brodus asking for help with team name

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. What do you guys think?

    Dancing fools 2.0
    Team Japasaurus
  2. Team Japasaurus. :lol1:

    I just read this on a news site in regards to them seeking help for a team name. I don't really care for the name just as long as they turn heel in the future.

    Fat Alberts. :otunga:
  3. TeamFiller
  4. Team Fat Fuck.

    Team Jobasaurus.

    Team PG
  5. Well, it's a little bit stupid but now WWE wants to make tag partners with people that are simply the opposite of the other...
  6. Team go the fuck away, both of you.
  7. Team shut up and let the hoes dance.

    That phat pack

    The fuckoffasaurases?

    ~Three Said That~
  8. Team Diabetes. Maybe team Titties. Prince Funakasaurus and the dollar menu. Lords of obese. Squash Diets. Fat Rapists. Dancing apes.
  9. Team Turning Japanese
  10. Team Diabetes sounded good :haha:
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  11. Team Prince Tensasaurius
  12. I find the team thoroughly entertaining to be honest. They make me laugh at the moment. Is this bad? Lol.
  13. Crayo's Angels!
  14. In other words, the WWE isn't creative enough to come up with a good enough name themselves so they want the fans to do it for them.
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