Brodus Clay Gimmick is on hold..

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  1. From PWTorch:

    "Brodus Clay's new "Funkasauras" gimmick has been put on hold, according to the Wrestling Globe Newsletter. WWE head Vince McMahon reportedly believes Clay's in-ring work needs to improve. Clay in a match against Heath Slater was cut from Smackdown earlier this month, and Clay has not appeared on WWE TV since the January 30 Raw. Clay wrestled dark matches at last week's set of TV tapings."

    Well at least the chairman can see what I've been saying for the last month...
  2. It has nothing to do with his ring work.

    It's because this is the road to Wrestlemania, and if you are someone who won't be competing at WM you aren't getting tv time at this point in the year.

    if ring work meant anything Great Khali never would have had a job, Kelly Kelly wouldn't have been the champion of anything besides sucking dick, and Batista Junior would still be in FCW
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  3. Maybe if he had proper fucking matches not 30 second bullshit.
  4. Improve? Improve what, squashing matches?

    Outside of 'Mason Ryaning' a guy and rag dolling him, what is their to fear?

    He's not stellar, but not many his size are required to be

    House shows are for improvement...putting him in the ring with Titus O'Neil in FCW isn't going to help
  5. Had to reply to this, since this is the best post I've seen on this site.

    Why did Brodus Clay get over in the first place anyway? Did the fans like him? Did they like the gimmick? Or did the fans just embrace him because he was something different and unique?

    I'd say the third, so of course Vince squashed him. :facepalm:
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  6. Very well put, timing and all... repped

  7. LOL'D so hard yet so TRUE!
  8. Argh this pisses me off so much. Either the report is completely bullshit (the reason why he's off) or Vince is retarded. I'd rather watch Brodus Clay wrestle a 2 month old kid than watch Big Show or Khali in the ring. He's the best "giant" wrestler in WWE. How does squashing people no one cares about help Brodus? It shows how talented he is that he got over just doing that. Put him in a feud!
  9. Hmm. Isn't good ring work something you should make sure a wrestler has BEFORE putting him on TV? And since when has someone not having good ring work meant anything to Vince? Clay is a big guy who squashes people, I would think that's the sort of thing that Vince just loves.
  10. I'd hold off on the feud for a bit and build him up through some sort of streak

  11. I would like to see her become a champion of sucking dicks
  12. Brodus can work imo. He's mobile for a big guy and has a nice variation of suplexs and other power moves.

    Just a few matches where he performed up to a decent standard.
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