Brodus Clay needs a storyline

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else agree with it? Every week it's always the same with him being on squash matches. I wanna see some more of his moves rather than just 2 or 3 moves and a finisher. I wanna see him actually wrestle. He has been squashing almost all the weaker wrestlers and now it's just gonna repeat over unless he becomes involve in a feud or something. IMO, he could become a big babyface for the WWE. :brodus:
  2. I presume they just have nothing for him to until after 'Mania. They should have given him a fued just after they introduced him, they basically had nothing for him to do after like 2 weeks of him debuting.
  3. Not every week, some weeks he randomly doesn't appear -.-.

    He does need a story-line against a good heel. I'd love to see him feud with Ambrose or something.
  4. He needs to feud with an established heel imo, Jericho or Miz would be good.
  5. I'm glad he did some moves in his last match. Need. Longer. Matches! Please!
  6. I've said this since the time he re-debuted. Him squashing no name jobbers isn't holding people's interest like a feud would
  7. Atleast give him a shot at Khali or something..
  8. Put a gimmick on Riley, turn him heel, feud with Brodus. BOOM.
  9. Riley will lose in that way, heel turn is fine, but a good storyline with a equal wrestler would be better imo.
  10. Riley just needs a mic to get over, he doesn't need to win. Brodus would go over obviously. Then you can have heel R-Truth going at him or something. He should avoid top heels atm.
  11. Crayo going all Vince Russo turning every face heel in these hypotheticals
  12. #ShadesOfGray

    Riley is alot better as a heel tbf.
  13. They're meaningless talents at the moment, Truth still gets the what chants every time he speaks, he was an awesome heel. Riley is nothing at the moment so it'd only theoretically be one heel turn. If it was Russo Brodus Clay would already be giving birth by now.
  14. Is Riley not on NXT or Superstars? I don't watch that crap
  15. You give Russo too much credit, if he was booking Brodus would have been the hand Mae Young gave birth to, Mark Henry JR.
  16. NXT and Superstars. Jobs on both.

    Oh I see, well lets make this kid the #1 contender for the title.
  17. Is Riley still being punished for his botch of Swagger's gut wrench on Raw like 6 fucking months ago?
  18. Lmao who knows. I worry for his future.
  19. Agree Brodus needs a storyline it's a waste him just squashing ppl now especially after they built and built his debut pushing it back all the time it jus screams fail right now as they dont seemed to have anything planned. in all honesty it's not just for Brodus but for most who aint involved in WM.