Brodus Clay Switches To SmackDown, The Rock, CM Puk & More

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 9, 2012.

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  2. Swear I posted it but I can't remember.

    Clay will flourish on SD.
  3. He will probably get more time on Raw now that he's a SD guy.
  4. setting up for Brodus vs Ryback? :O
  5. Fuck that. Also they are both faces
  6. Brodus vs Sandow?

  7. because a face has never attacked a face in the history of the wwe!
  8. I'd only want that if Ryback ruined Clay.
  9. me too

  10. Clay is a huge draw for WWE. Like a circus lion.
  11. Give me two examples of face vs face feuds from the past 2-3 years.
  12. John Cena vs Shawn Michaels?
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  13. That's just your classic GOAT vs current face.

    also rock/cena
  14. Rock/Cena is true.

    But you rarely see face/face feuds, and when you do they are between much more important faces than Brodus fucking Clay and Ryback.

    who wants to see those two in matches anyway? They would be boring as fuck
  15. It's pointless. Face v Face only works if it's major faces. Austin Rock for example. They're dream matches.
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  16. Exactly. Rock/Cena for example worked because it was old guard vs new guard, and also to some extent the IWC hero vs the IWC villain.

    You have none of those elements or anything even remotely similar in a Clay/Ryback feud.
  17. yep, like rey and sin cara.
  18. Even that would only be a WM feud, and only because it's sort of passing the torch, they're both so similar. Face vs Face's don't really work unless the crowd are really invested into both. Ryback vs Clay would only bury one and do nothing really to the other, lol.
  19. i was not thinking about them both staying face, i was assuming one of them would turn heel.
  20. There's no need to turn heel. And besides, Cara and Rey are natural faces and underdogs. I don't think Rey's ever been a heel and Cara should stay face.
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