Brodus Clay thinks hes a main eventer lol

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Brodus Clay thinks hes a main eventer from saying that to Xavier Woods what the fuck is he on
  2. Great thread.

    realistically Clay has the potential for a legit push at least to the upper mid card, but WWE has pretty much effectively ruined him from ever being taken seriously.
  3. We had a week full of vomiting gimmicks, Strahan "comedy" segments, the Bromans, a whole week of silly comedy...

    ...and none of it more hilarious than Brodus Clay referring to himself as a "main eventer"
  4. to be fair most of WWE's comedy segments are about as funny as a truckload of dead babies
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  5. Out of all the "funny" segments that happened I'm the world of wrestling this week this had to be the funniest by far.
  6. Dude just needs to drop some weight and get better fitting gear/not look like a fucking dinosaur.

    Clay has potential, I should have known this was another shit fucking blffl thread. Go back to wrestleforum....oh, what's that? You cant!?
  7. Brodus Clay is not a main eventer and if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to drop the dancing gimmick, drop Tensai and drop Cameron/Naomi
  8. you say this dumb shit like wrestlers book themselves
  9. Everything is a shoot for BLFFL.

    Also I'm not gonna complain about a proper mid card feud. Until its over and ends up being shit.
  10. ::somebody call my mama plays::

    ::Brodus casually walks to the ring, wearing a suit.::

    ::WWE Cuts feed::

    "damn, BLFFL's foolproof plan has failed me!"
  11. And Vince McMahon sits in his Dr. Claw throne with Triple H sleeping on the armrest like the cat.
    "I'll get you next time BLFFL!"
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  12. Wasn't he in some scary movie as the main bad guy? I thought I remembered seeing that when I was starting up watching again about 5 or 6 months ago. I was like "Who?"
  13. WWE could use him to make money from the younger audience...

  14. marked for the inspector gadget reference.
  15. I often wonder how things would have turned out if Clay got the Hall of Pain push instead of Henry, he's got the ability to do it plus the presence.

    His speaking ability is something to be respected greatly, he also is very athletic for his size.
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  16. he really just needs something that keeps his tits inside of his gear.
  17. damn awesome promo.
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  18. Could be worse he could be rocking this again

  19. I think you meant better
  20. That announcer needs to go back to So-cal.

    He needs to get a trainer and get rid of the tits.
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