Brodus Clay to drop Funkasaurus gimmick?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. According to sources who attended Mick Foley's stand up routine over the weekend, Foley claims to have spoken with Clay via Twitter and said that Vince has told him they plan to drop the Funkasaurus gimmick


    1.) Try to punish Clay for leaking his return on Twitter with a gimmick Vince perceived as a joke that would never get him over
    2.) Clay makes lemonade out of lemons
    3.) Vince pouts and makes him change his gimmick

    :kiss: suck my dick Vince you senile old bastard
  3. WWE releases guys cause they can't get themselves over.

    WWE needs size. You cannot teach height, so why cut the rug from under Brodus Clay?

    Oh, I forgot how durable Mark Henry is.... how healthy Undertaker is and that Big Show is rejuvenating his career

    Coach 'em up Vince..... by the way tell Kane to 'go break a leg' for RAW tonight... I suggest Swagger's wheel this time
  4. So pathetic. If this is true he really is a child.
  5. Even if you are mad that your punishment wound up benefiting Clay, why not use Clay to put other people over when he clearly has momentum going and is over with crowds? He could have AT LEAST gave an up and coming heel and nice rub by going over Clay but to just axe the entire thing completely?

    Vince truly is the king of cutting off his nose to spite his face
  6. [​IMG]
    Am I making my self clear here?
  7. Maybe now he won't be facing jobbers every time he comes out to wrestle.
  8. There is some awesome irony in Goldberg posting this :lol1:
    They'll probably just put him back in his black singlet and have him squash jobbers :sigh: .
  9. It sucks that they are dropping this, but I'm not really saddened over it.
  10. I must admit, heel Brodus is still great. Brodus is that talented that he makes this rumour bearable, because either way he'll get reactions.
  11. Brodus is the best overall big man WWE has to offer outside of Henry, and the best wrestling big man IMO.
  12. 2 Words THANK GOD!
  13. Not shocking that you would hate something that's awesome
  14. Why Savage why?
  15. B/c it a CRAP GIMMICK NO LIKE IT! Bring him back the way he was! And not as GAY FUCK!
  16. The had to kill the gimmick, did you expect anything less?

    He was getting over. Vince can't let anyone get over! That's bad for business. Babyfaces should either get no reaction from the crowd at all or 70% boos, right? Right?

  17. He was so entertaining though. Could of been a big big success.
  18. Funkasaurus was nice, but I will never see him as a serious champ.
  19. I could see him being a decent midcard champion, hell the one they have currently looks like a chimp and talks with a lisp and he won it from a Guido who's catchphrase was take care spike your hair, even though his was thinning worse then @[Goldberg] post NFL.
  20. Wow, you can count words.
    Good for you.. Yeah, good for you!

    True, but I would rather see Gabriel, R-Truth, Kofi or Santino as the midcard champ.
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