Brodus Clay

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Discuss?

    I like the new character, it's different.

  2. This thread has already been made before. But yeah, I believe Brodus is going to be the next Viscera/Rikishi, but with way more strength and power. However, with this funny skit, who is ever going to take him seriously. I wouldn't wabt to be known as the crazy funkasaurus guy who dominated the WWE. I do believe Brodus possess great skill, but hasn't uncovered it yet. Wait till I return from my injury. I will RKO the snot out of him. @[CM Punk]
  3. The thread is not meant about the debut of Brodus Clay, it's intended for the backstage interview.
  4. Ernest the cat Miller had the same theme :rofl: I never noticed that. The backstage interview was pretty good also. Brodus is a really solid speaker.
  5. Yeah, miller was gone after 3 months lmao.

    I already posted this interview in my thread, but not youtube so no worries. He is really gifted on the mic, great athleticism for his size, great charisma, he's going to go places.
  6. Brodus is going to be the next breakout superstar that is if his girls hips dont kill the men of the wwe first
  7. Lmao. I do think he's going to be really over with the crowd. Dunno how far this current gimmick can get him though.
  8. I hope he gets a regular amount of mic time. He can then develop his character properly to be a real contender, instead of just a pure comedic gimmick. Such great mic skills he has.