Brodus Clay.

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  1. So this week on SmackDown he's in a dance off... I personally believe that's going to ruin his character already. That's a Santino thing to do, if they want Brodus to be a threat and funny, they need to cut this crap out.

  2. Here you go.


    He's under a gimmick whilst squashing people. Santino was under a gimmick whilst being squashed. There's a difference. Remember Rikishi? Yeah, main eventer at one point whilst being part of Too Cool. Remember them? Wackos.
  3. Did Rikishi ever main event whilst part of Too Cool? I only remember his heel run when he separated from them. Even that run he main evented I believe only at Armageddon in the 6 man hell in a cell.
  4. Yeah, you're right but he did have an Intercontinental title run whilst part of Too Cool.

    It still shows that a simple heel turn or change of gimmick turned him to main event. Brodus is far from just a gimmick.
  5. LOL Regal is such a goof. Vickie got dominated. Regal danced, (weirdly), and Brodus laid him out and said,

    "Muh bad, somebody call his momma"
  6. I was the one who argued Brodus being different to Santino, he can be funny in a match whilst winning that's fine. Doing pathetic dance off's doesn't help him at all. It's 2012, who cares about a WWE dance off now? Every dance off I've seen in recent years gets zero response from crowds unless Michael Cole is in it.
  7. When did people ever care about dance offs? Rikishi and Too Cool were playing a gimmick so they can't be mentioned.
  8. "Every dance off I've seen in recent years gets zero response from crowds unless Michael Cole is in it."

    Michael Cole, in a dance off? Lol what?

  9. I'm not responsible for any mental trauma caused by Jr's dancing.
  10. They hate him so much they react. Same with Vickie, no one actually cares about them.

    I wish they'd used those minutes giving Brodus some mic time when he wasn't out of breath, lmao. Also, why use Regal to be laid out knowing Regal is actually quite over as a face...
  11. It was a Sin City complete gimmick SmackDown. There was going to be a dance off no matter what. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  12. They could of used Santino and Hornswoggle, people no one really cares about. It done more harm than good in my opinion, though Brodus is doing exceptional in this gimmick. You see how over he was?
  13. That's the whole idea, give him exposure, show him to the fans, they're warming to him. Makes for an exceptional heel turn in the future.

    He's been on RAW/SmackDown/RAW/SmackDown since his debut. It's not bad going, more exposure than any other talent at the moment. Apart from probably Daniel Bryan.
  14. The exposure is fine, I'm not against that. But I don't think putting him in dance-off's are going to make people legitimately think he's a contender. I doubt you could begin to argue that. How does cheap-shotting Regal (who's over, but for some reason is heel) make Brodus a star? I'd prefer them to make some up-and-coming heel beat down some face, Brodus interrupts and saves the day by squashing the heel. I know it's happened before, but the fans eat that stuff up. He could still be funny, make people laugh, but it makes people want to see him more.
  15. Brodus has the in-ring ability. *NXT and Superstars viewing of course", but he has no mic credibility. He's like a combination of Viscera and Show put together.
  16. No he's not, he's great on the mic. Youtube "Brodus clay promo" and watch his NXT one.

  17. Now, can you dig that, sukaaaaaaa!
  18. God I love that promo. "You took my dream away I'm gonna take your heros away." That's an amazing quote mixed in with the emotion. I wonder if he's that good as a babyface.
  19. He can be. Imo.
  20. Either way, I really look forward to seeing what Brodus (Kayfabe), will bring to the WWE.