Brodus vs Show after NWO?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MarkyMark, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Anyone think that after NWO Brodus and Big Show will end up facing each other and Brodus will go over Show?

    I could see it happening and would love it. Thoughts? I'm watching Smackdown right now and Brodus is talking about how he has to stay away from Show because Johnny says so.

    I really hope they end up fueding after NWO and Brodus goes over clean.

    On a side note. I'm ready to see Brodus destroy Otunga Sunday.
  2. Well, it seems like things are leading up to that feud. However, I think Show will keep main eventing for some more time (:upset:) before he occasionally drops down a little and puts people over. I'd also like to see Ryback go over him.
  3. The feud itself could be interesting... lets see how Brodus adapts to a more serious role.
  4. Big Show gets buried, then they push Clay over Show? Or the other way around to keep Show as a "threat"? I could see it happening to be honest.
  5. They both suck.
  6. They'll probably face, but I certainly don't see Clay going over, not unless they face while Show is feuding with someone else while fighting Clay in a match on Raw, and that person costs Show the match or something. I personally would save Show's first loss as a heel to Ryback. (Aside from Cena, of course.)
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