Brodus vs Tensai

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Will Tensai be the one to end Funky's winning streak eventually?
  2. God no Tensai's going to need to call his momma.
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  3. Tensai > Brodus.

    :tensai: > :brodus:

    So yes.
  4. No. :homer:
  5. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    You haven't seen his matches in Japan, a completely different and better badass guy/wrestler. He owns Bogus in every aspect of the game. :baws: #GiantBernardFTW
  6. I defend his wrestling ability. Dolph even called me a fanboy :facepalm1:.

    Brodus > Tensai though.
  7. lmao, what a fanboy. Tensai is a fat useless turd, deal with it. And I've seen some of his matches in Japan, smarks just want to sound cool by saying they watch those matches and how great they are. Fact is they are nothing special

    A match between these two would be awful. Both need to work with smaller guys so they can do their moves on them. Brodus trying to suplex Tensai or Tensai trying to power bomb Brodus would not go over well.. at all
  8. :haha:

    You need to get into puro first, in order to actually know how their matches and storys are wroked/done.

    lolfanboy..... Not at all. I ain't even his fan, but I have a mad respect for him as a wrestler.
  9. Puro sucks. I don't give a fuck about their lame ass slap fests.
  10. :dafuq:

    OK then...
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  11. Working stiff (lol) =/= entertaining me

    If I want to watch two guys beat the hell out of each other I'll just turn on MMA
  12. What if Condit is fighting :haha:
  13. I hate Condit for his gameplan in that fight, but he actually is one of the best finishers in MMA history

    28 wins
    13 by KO/TKO
    13 by sub
    2 by decision
  14. Tensai to me will always be A-train and even as A-train he was boring.

    Tensai Vs Brodus? Possible. Winner? I'll put my money on Brodus
  15. :dafuq: I actually agree with Dolph for once in my virtual life.. but Funky is sooo much more cooler :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. How can anyone disagree with me when I'm always right?
  17. Don't think anyone likes him but Ryback vs. Clay or Lord
  18. The match wouldn't be very good, but they may put them against each other, it's possible. I believe Tensai would win if it happened though.
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