Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. I assume we're just supposed to forget about Brodus now until after Wrestlemania?

    Argh, that's so annoying. :brodus:
  2. I read he was gonna feud with Miz? Idk... he wasn't my favorite "wrestler".

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  3. :brodus:I love big B But i guess so he was on a streak why not put him in some matches
  4. Imagine the insults Miz would dish out, I'd love that feud. Where did you read that?

    It would make sense since both have nothing to do at Wrestlemania but considering it's like 3 weeks away the build would be next to nothing.
  5. Alot of famous miz Reallys will go around lol also i pmed you crayo
  6. I will forget about him until he drop that "GAY FUCK GIMMICK"!
  7. So a man who comes out with two women in tight clothing is considered a gay fuck?
  8. yes b/c look what he does to the guy he wrestler! THAT MAKING HIM GAY!
  9. Randy if we're judging by that primitive logic all wrestling is gay, after all they are grown men rolling around in trunks.
  10. yes but that don't do like CLay and u KNOW! I can fund a LOT VIDEO SHOWING CAY DOES! U want to talk about how people don't want woman sex on tv so the kids can't see! I TELL RIGHT PARNTS WOULD NOT WANT THERE KIDS! Watching someone do what clay does!
  11. All Clay does is dance and shake his legs, that's not gay at all.
  12. And he shake his ass at curt h. which make him GAY!
  13. Boogus Clay.... :laugh:

    Randomly gone.... So no explanation given at all? Damn, that's shitty tbh.
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  14. I really hope that Brodus gets a big pop when he returns..
  15. 1) No it doesn't
    2) Doesn't make it bad if he is.
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  16. YES HE DOES! gimmick is gay!
  17. Liked. What difference does it make if he is or not? Does it make him a worse wrestler? Does it make him less entertaining?
  18. It's similar to Rikishi in my opinion, does that make him gay?

    Brodus is over by squashing people who haven't been on television for years - he's talented, whether you like his gimmick or not he gets reactions which is what WWE is about. He's a great wrestler for his size.
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