Brogue kick

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  1. How many times does it go well, and how many times is it going wrong?
    Really curious about it because of the short period of time that Sheamus has to give it.

    Look at this:

  2. He usually hits it well as far as I've noticed.
  3. I thought strikes were supposed to be faked, looks like a legit kick to me. Ouch.
  4. Yeah same here, I saw Ricardo putting his hands infront of his face as a reaction, but it seems that that's not allways the case.
  5. Barrett takes that like a boss.
  6. It end up like more of a push then a strike

  7. This.

    I'm shocked no one else said this. That picture which is apparent proof of a "wrong" brogue kick, is how it should be done. He'll kick through the air fast, slow down near the end and push you with his foot. That doesn't hurt at all.
  8. That was not the question. The line said: How many times does it go well, and how many times does it go wrong? Like how the opponent sells the move because there is a short period of time to preform it. I understand that he slows down in the end, but that wasn't the case.
  9. Well I've not seen one mistake on it so I'm guessing it goes well a lot of the time, almost 100%.
  10. Some put their hands infront of their face, so that makes it a little weak, Ricardo crossed his arms infront of his face on SD, that was really weak. That was what I've been trying to say.
  11. They are trained professionals who get it right 99% of the time.

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  12. I know but I tried to discuss the times when it looks like a botch, when a wrestler puts his hands infront of his face. Thats what I ment.
  13. The kick is cool but I just hate Sheamus.
  14. Some wrestlers are fine with taking bumps to the face, some aren't - it's a matter of preference. Watch Big Show's KO punch, some take a hit, some don't but 'swish' their head accordingly.
  15. It does look worse when someone protects their face with their arms/hands, but it's not that the move went wrong. It's a matter of preference, as previously stated.
  16. Your house is cool. I just took a walk down your street with google maps. I wonder how they find the time to take pictures of every single nook and cranny of the world.
  17. What's more amazing is the innacuracy of Google Maps especially when users take them as gospel.
  18. Agreed google maps is terribad.
  19. [​IMG]

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  20. That has to be a joke lol. If I died using their directions I could sue them.
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