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  1. What a sick ass & unique film. How Tom Hardy didn't receive more praise for that role I do not understand. I was blown away by his performance and expected to find that he had won a long list of awards for the role, but was shocked to find out he had not. What a joke.

    Tbh I hadn't even watched a Tom Hardy movie before last night, but soon I'll watch TDKR and I will probably check out Warrior as well..

    Anyway, Bronson... man. That was great. Like 8.5-9/10 great.
  2. I know the movie came out a while ago, but come on noobs

    Crayo I know you are a Tom Hardy mark.
  3. i never watched the movie. Sounds interesting though.
  4. Haha why is it we are the only ones who end up talking about this kind of stuff? It's about the biggest beast of a UK criminal, ever. The movie is great, Tom Hardy is awesome, and this just made my sig again.

    It's on netflix people, do your job.
  5. I still can't believe Crayo hasn't come into this thread yet to bust a nut over Tom Hardy

  6. I've only just seen this thread, wow.

    This is one of my all time favourite films, so we finally agree on something there. Fucking amazing, Hardy was incredible. It put him on the map too.
  7. The storyline arc was a little too pointless to me to rank it among my all time favorite films. The ending was a definite 'that's it' type of feel. I understand the fact that you are basing it off a his life story limits you in this aspect, but still.
  8. It's sort of based on pound for pound ranking. Their budget was minute iirc, and for a film to be that good on a tiny tiny budget, it has to be somewhere on the list. Maybe it's because I'm a die hard Hardy fan. But I could watch this film over and over again.
  9. There were aspects that I loved. I loved the documentary style presentation with his interviews edited in. I LOVED the parts where it was like a one man show and he was on stage. Really enjoyed the sound track.

    Just the overall story arc left something to be desired, but again, that is expected when you are basing it on a dude's life that is just chilling in a cage doing not much of anything
  10. Exactly. Did you do the research on the actual guy? He's a fucking legend lol. He recently started insulting all the inmates in the paper for being a bunch of "softies" because they have their play stations and comfy beds etc. What a boss.
  11. Yea, I did.

    Well, I read his wiki-page. That's about as far as I took it lmao
  12. Great movie, and the soundtrack was epic.
  13. I saw Bronson before I saw Dark Knight cause it was up on netflix for like 2 years. I prefer Hardy in this movie compared to the Dark Knight though although he did good as Bane. I felt he didn't get enough exposure as Bane. Sure he was the main villain, but the movie seemed more centralized around other things as the previous movie seemed centralized around Joker.

    Bronson is my shit though
    Show Spoiler
    the part where he's at a dance in a mental asylum and the guy does pelvic thrusts, then the scene where one crazy smears his face with shit :haha: let us not forget the ass rubbing with the guard and Hardy shouting at him to rub faster.
  14. My favorite parts were the one man show scenes. Hilarious and awesome

    scenes like this:

  15. bronson arroyo is a great pitcher
  16. Yeah Arroyo is one of my favorite pitchers. Now watch the movie, or stfu.
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