Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Who is he just caught up on NXT wondering who he is seems pretty cool liked the gimmick.
  2. Typical big man with a horrible look booked like Langston and Ryback -.-.

    There's too many of these squashers now.
  3. See I liked the look thought it was different and seemed like it could be interesting not sure it'd work well in the PG era but the psychokitness he had goin on looked like it could go somewhere.
  4. Bray Wyatt and Ambrose are better psychotic wrestlers imo.
  5. This is true and that totally mad Luke Harper is it? hanging round with Wyatt at the min is interesting as well.
  6. Bronson is meh, and given the number of "squashers" we currently have and comparing him to the others causes me not to like him a lot. I wish Wyatt would actually wrestle but Harper does well in his role.