Bronx Beldums

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    "Just... WHATEVER..."
    The Team

    Mega Charizard X "Back Burner"
    Zapdos "Problem Solver"
    Suicune "Frozone"
    Azelf "Frontline"
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Meloetta "Player's Hater"
    Togekiss "Joker"

    Klinklang "Fake Ass Magnezone"

    Registeel "RG3"
    Archeops "Squaks"
    Torterra "Buff Frank"
    Rhyperior "The People's Pokemon"
    Toxicroak "Decayer"

    vs. Valdese Vaporeons 11/7-11/13
    vs. Cardiff City Charizards 11/14-11/20
    vs. Valley View Victinis 11/21-11/27
    vs. Rustboro City Rayquazas 11/28-12/4
    vs. Aurora Suicunes 12/5-12/11
    vs. Vermilion City Pikachus 12/12-12/18
    vs. Haverford Honchkrows 12/19-12/25
    vs. Arizona Aerodactyls 1/2-1/8
    New Jersey Electabuzz 1/9-1/15
    See rest of schedule on Schedule Page (Too lazy to copy the rest)

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  2. Two close 1-0's, tough break.
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  3. If you are gonna have a losing record, and so am I, one of us are going to break it in 2 weeks
  4. Prepping for the other loser
  5. Who's the loser?
  6. CM Shaddixx
  7. Will you around Sat/Sun?
  8. Who me? Of course? I think...
  9. I was talking to Shadix lol

    Anyway, since you're on. Do you wanna battle?
  10. Um like random?
  11. By the way, some pokemon like Zapdos and stuff aren't OU anymore, and are now UU, etc.
  12. sure
  13. Zapdos and metagross dropped to UU,
    Most nonmega forms dropped alot of tiers
  14. :emoji_slight_frown: I get it makes sense, Zapdos can easily get killed by any ice type move
  15. Will you be around Saturday?
  16. I already have my team. Please be around Saturday or Sunday. I'm impatient and don't wanna wait another week like Shadow had to ;_;
  17. I'm ready any time today
  18. @Runebane33 sorry man but i don't think i'm able to participate anymore, I work 2 jobs now since returning from college and it's pretty bad, I can't really find the time now