Brooke Defends Her Title Tonight Against Marti Bell on IMPACT WRESTLING

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    After gaining the Knockouts championship from Taryn Terrell, the Dollhouse wants their retribution and now they are coming at Brooke 1 by 1. This week Marti Bell of the Dollhouse will be facing Brooke for the Knockouts Title.

    Watch Brooke regain the Knockouts Title.

    Just last week Taryn made it abundantly clear that she wanted her title returned to her and was going to through as many tantrums as she could until she was satisfied. Fortunately, Brooke has found what appears to be an ally in Gail Kim who recently made her return to IMPACT with a different look and a different attitude.
    Taryn demands her title back

    While Brooke has had to worry about the antics and methods of the Dollhouse and has been able to rise above these circumstances in part due to the return of Gail Kim. One can see based on this Interview though, Brooke is not worried about much



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